New Year…New Challenges


In 2019 threats to ATMs and cardholder account security are on the rise. The wide spread adoption of EMV chip enabled cards in the US has resulted in a decrease in card skimming and counterfeit card issuance, but ushered in a new era of ATM “jackpotting”, “shimming”, “account takeover”, “malware injection”, “spoofing” and “card-not-present” fraud. Increased incidence of data theft is no coincidence…Data facilitating account takeover and compromise is a valuable commodity and established “compromised accounts” are fetching top dollar on dark net auction sites.

Flexible and Effective Hybrid Solutions

Flexibility is the key to combating an evolving threat matrix. Hybrid multilayered solutions are the most effective in mounting a defense against emerging financial threats. The capability of core fraud detection and prevention systems to incorporate the best solutions available regardless of the provider is paramount to success.

Dedicated to the recognition and integration of fraud detection technology effective in thwarting emerging threats, every element of the CSFi suite of electronic payments solutions and services is designed to keep its customers competitive and secure in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace. CSFi’s core fraud defense systems and capacity to seamlessly integrate with complimentary solutions qualify it as a global leader in the battle against financial crime at the ATM and beyond.

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