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    Interactive Teller Module NEW!

    Designed to provide remote teller-assisted services, the Interactive Teller enables migration of routine, expensive transactions from the teller counter to the ATM channel, combining the benefits of personal service and lower processing costs. Read more…

    ATM Data Encryption (SSL) NEW!

    An important aspect of ATM security is securing the communications between the ATM device and SWITCHWARE, using a holistic approach that includes Secure Socket Layer/ Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS). Read more…

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    Protect Against Fraud

    FraudBlock™ integrates directly with SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® to minimize your exposure to risk and loss as it may occur from individuals who have skimmed cardholder information to perform fraudulent transactions. Read more…


    EMV Support

    Our software solutions include functionality for conforming to the EMV standards and to perform payment processing of smart card transactions, both as an issuer and an acquirer. Read more…

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    POS Merchant Acquiring

    Manage an entire fleet of POS devices and merchant acquiring management, with the ability to deploy tens of thousands of devices on a single platform. Read more…


    Web-based Apps

    Our latest web-based clients present an entirely new look-and-feel to our user interface and includes all new modules for transaction research, cardholder research, system-wide monitoring and job/task scheduling. Read more…

Company Overview

CSF International (CSFi) is a global provider of electronic payment software. For over thirty-five years, we have provided solutions including in-house ATM driving and management, on-line ATM/debit core authorization interfaces, EFT network interfaces, fraud detection and prevention, ATM and debit card management, EMV smart card processing, graphical ATM monitoring and alert notification, ATM deposit automation, remote ATM key loading and much more. A worldwide clientele ranges from community banks and credit unions to national banks, holding companies and service centers.

Product Highlights

FraudBlock™ StandAlone

FraudBlock™ SA is an isolated instance of FraudBlock that can serve either for real-time fraud protection or for background (near real-time) protection. The Standalone Edition is meant to be installed independent from other systems, and does not require integration with an existing SWITCHWARE or EZswitch system.


Cardless P2P Withdrawals

Cardless P2P Withdrawals

Provides a cardless withdrawal solution to enhance your cardholder’s experience at the ATM. With SWITCHWARE cardless withdrawals, bank customers can send funds to anyone.


Scalable and Secure

Scalable and Secure Payment System

A globally recognized scalable and secure electronic payment system designed to process, drive and switch hundreds of thousands of ATM and POS debit transactions a day.


Real-time System Monitoring

Real-time Graphical Network Monitoring

Delivers a graphically-intuitive display that presents a command-level view of the entire ATM and debit processing network. Real-time icon statuses show the activity of each ATM as it is happening..


Card Issuance

Comprehensive Card Issuance

A robust card-issuing module that offers open account relationships to tie multiple accounts to a single card, or multiple cards to a single account. Multiple BINs and institutions may be arranged for logical groupings that correlate to the FI’s requirements for issuance. A comprehensive card limits and authorization rules module provides control over withdrawals and authorizations. Additionally, cardholder transaction research, settlement, and dispute resolution are all achievable from a single system.


Integrated Fraud Protection

Real-time Fraud Prevention for Risk Mitigation

CSFi’s fraud protection module offers a client-based module for real-time, rules-based fraud monitoring, detection and prevention. Fraud rules are easily defined, customized, and deployed based on a strategy that best meets the needs of the FI. Real-time rules can block transactions, modify cardholder statuses, or send email notifications when fraud is detected.



  • “Since we first offered our customers online/real-time debit card decision processing, CSFi has been an outstanding vendor. The up-time on our systems is 100% with the exception of periods of time where we have been without power since our first contract about 9 years ago.”

    Mark NormanMark Norman
    Progressive Savings Bank

  • “I wanted to personally let you guys know how great it is working with you.  The customer service team did an outstanding job during our meeting on network and PCI segregation.  I can tell we made the right decision and look forward to a long relationship.”

    Daren FankhauserDaren Fankhauser
    Data Center Inc.

  • “I am very impressed with the [CSFi] service level that was received during the process to find a needed solution.  If only all bank related requirements had the same results then my job would be more enjoyable.”

    Kevin MinshewKevin Minshew
    First National Bank of Mount Vernon, Texas

  • “ Our conversion to the VMware virtual server environment was very well planned and executed.  CSFi’s support staff is exceptional, and worked closely with our IT staff to ensure a seamless transition.  Our move to the virtual environment has enabled us to improve business continuity for our debit card program. I would highly recommend CSFi for any project! ”

    Jolee PierceJolee Pierce
    First National Bank of Emory, Texas

  • “In our opinion, the TotalCARE™ services provided by CSFi were very useful in ensuring a very uneventful and trouble-free SWITCHWARE® 3.12 upgrade. TotalCARE helped us identify and resolve some performance issues prior to implementing the new 3.12 software in our production environment. By using CSFi’s new TotalCARE services, we had complete confidence in our go-live process.”

    Alexey TodorovAlexey Todorov
    United Bulgarian Bank

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