CSFi Completes NCR Edge 10 Certification

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The Clock is Ticking

The longer an ATM sits without updated security patches and updates, the more vulnerable it becomes. On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. CSFi has long been collaborating with strategic partners and global customers to ensure that the migration to Windows 10 is as seamless as possible.

Today and Tomorrow

Designed to simplify the monitoring and management of today’s and tomorrow’s emerging payments technologies, CSFi’s SWITCHWARE® G4 and EZswitch® solutions are well positioned to support the migration to Windows 10. SWITCHWARE G4 and SWITCHWARE® Version 3.12 desktop applications have already been certified as Windows 10 compatible and have recently completed NCR Edge 10 certification.

Avoid Negative Consequences

The ability to deploy the latest innovations in technology is key to maintaining a safe and secure environment. Running an unsupported operating system is not advisable for a host of reasons. The upgrade to Windows 10 should be viewed as an opportunity to embrace the latest in future software innovation. Able to interface with virtually any “open standards” third party application or EFT connection, CSFi solutions allow for easy integration with “best of breed” legacy or future additions to an electronic payments operating environment.

For more information about the dangers of running an unsupported operating system and easing your migration to Windows 10, Contact CSFi today.

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