Alert Notification System

Solution Overview

Sentinel™  integrates with SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® to provide unattended monitoring of ATMs, core system interfaces, EFT network connection(s) and much more. Alerts can be sent by email or SMS-text to a defined staff or third party service agents at specific times depending on the nature and type of issue detected. The alerts will be escalated until the alert condition is resolved.

Latest Edition

The latest enhancements to the Sentinel product now support installing a Windows-based service on multiple servers/workstations to create a fully redundant alert system. The diagram below depicts the latest architecture setup with multiple Sentinel services installed on multiple Windows platforms sending alerts to multiple email SMTP servers. If any component is disrupted the surviving Sentinel programs will create alerts that the user receives.

Sentinel Brochure

 Sentinel Brochure
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  • Reactive monitoring
  • Reduced ATM network downtime
  • Improved authorization interface up-time
  • Quick reaction times
  • Better customer service
  • Fewer downtime penalties
  • Multiple redundant services
  • Monitor up status of non-CSFi systems


  • ATM network monitoring
  • Core system interface monitoring
  • Network interface monitoring
  • Automated alert interaction with email server
  • Contact definition
  • Alert setup
  • Status table monitoring
  • Establish tiered alert systems

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