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2020 Newsletters

    • 2020 Newsletter Issue 22

      August 25, 2020

      2020 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 22

      Featured Story: New Release: SWITCHWARE® 4.1

      Highlights: SWITCHWARE®4 TR-31 Key Block Support, IBC Deploys G4 Web Applications, New Release: G4 MIS Reports, NBB Deploys Pilot Tokenization Program, G4 1.5 Update
    • February 13, 2020

      2020 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 21

      Featured Story: CSFi Celebrates 40th Anniversary

      Highlights: MEMA: Predictive Alerting, SSL/TLS Encryption, Contactless Card Limits, Counterfeit Euro Control Mandate, G4 1.4 Update

2019 Newsletters

    • 2019 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 20

      Featured Story: NBB Live with Containerized P2P Solution

      Highlights: Fraud Prevention, Success Stories: Boubyan Bank, Switchware Instant Card Issuance, ATM Customized Note Dispensing, FI’s Live.
    • 2019 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 19

      Featured Story: Tokenization and Mobile Wallet Support

      Highlights: Secure Holder Information, Fraud Prevention, Success Story, Customer Spotlight: Baiduri Bank, HealthView, Cardless Withdrawals.
    • 2019 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 18

      Featured Story: Find Out What’s New in the Latest Release of SWITCHWARE 4.0

      Highlights: ATM Support – EMV, ATM Solutions – Mobile, Switchware Update, Event Participation

2018 Newsletters

    • Spring 2018 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 15

      Featured Story: Multi Language and Multi Currency Support at the ATM
      Highlights: Advanced Functionalities, Alerts, Product Updates, Did You Know, EMV Resources

2017 Newsletters

    • Fall 2017 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 13

      Featured Story: Prepared for the Worst: Banking on Redundancy
      Highlights: Success Stories, Product Updates, Did You Know and EMV Resources

2016 Newsletters

2015 Newsletters

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