NBB Live with Containerized P2P Solution

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Build once…Run anywhere Containerized software solutions from CSFi facilitate speedy, efficient and secure customer implementation of game changing functionalities.

SADAD VIVA Cash Withdrawal Service

The VIVA Cash payment process is fast, safe and smart…when you send money with your debit card VIVA Cash doesn’t store your card details. The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is now live with SADAD Viva Cash Withdrawal service at their SWITCHWARE® driven ATMs. Delivered by a “containerized” software solution, the newly implemented service allows person to person (P2P) cardless cash withdrawals from any NBB ATM. Any SADAD user can now select a “Cash Withdrawal Service” option from their mobile app to designate a cash amount to be dispersed to any SADAD funds recipient.

Containerization is Efficient

As bank operations grow, so do the demands on payments processing systems. Swift implementation of the CSFi developed middleware interface to SADAD was made possible by containerized delivery of the software solution.

The challenges presented when introducing new features, upgrading, or scaling functionality can seem insurmountable at a reasonable price. Containerization addresses these challenges. Maximizing the use of existing resources, businesses can grow more efficiently. Containerization is a complementary approach to virtualization designed to solve application management issues.

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