Middle East Banks Deploy SWITCHWARE SSL/TLS Encryption

Boubyan Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank are now live with SWITCHWARE® SSL/TLS Encryption for their networks of NCR ANDC-driven ATMs. As the only SSL/TLS solution fully integrated with SWITCHWARE, both Banks now rely upon CSFi’s SSL/TLS solution for end to end encryption between SWITCHWARE and all connected devices. CSFi strongly recommends that customers make the move to TLS 1.2 as soon as possible.

security lock in circles representing encryption of data.

Encrypting All Endpoints is the Key

The most important aspect of securing the communications channel for an ATM is to maintain high levels of availability which banks expect from their ATM network. Using SSL/TLS 1.2 provides a secure means to satisfy PCI requirements for encrypting transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

SWITCHWARE® SSL/TLS provides a way to encrypt all communications between the ATM and the host. This security measure is essential to meeting the mandated standards set by the PCI Security Standards Council specifically for ATMs located in open, public networks. NCR Secure TLS Communications products can be used in conjunction with CSFi’s SSL/TLS feature to provide total encryption for your ATM network.

● Endpoint authentication of data delivery
● SSL data encryption confidentiality
● Message integrity and validation
● Certificate verification between endpoints (ATMs and SWITCHWARE®)
The benefits of CSFi’s SSL/TLS solutions over other solutions:
● The only SSL/TLS solution fully integrated with SWITCHWARE®
● No additional hardware acquisitions or purchases required to operate
● Fewer operational components equals less complexity
● A single system required for the initial setup and all future management
● Fits into existing high availability deployment and architecture
● No third party interfaces required between the ATM network and SWITCHWARE
● No third party interfaces required to be licensed
● No additional third parties required for support
● Eliminate the impersonation of an endpoint (ATM, POS, network, etc.)
● Secure the contents of the message using encryption
● Provide fast and reliable data security
● Ensure data values have not been manipulated
● Prevent SSL replay attacks, truncation attacks and SSL key renegotiation
● Avoid very costly data breaches and resulting loss of reputation
● Maintain customer confidence in your ATM delivery channel
● Avoid clear data in your private network when using a third party solution

The Demand for Encrypted Communications

There are many reasons financial institutions should use encrypted communications. Protection against logical attacks against ATMs is among them.

SSL/TLS encryption has proven effective in protecting against:
● Man-in-the-Middle Attack
● Network Cable Skimming Attack
● Host Emulation Attack
● Replay Attack
● Truncation Attack

Learn more about how CSFi can secure your ATM communications network using SSL/TLS 1.2

Contact your CSFi account executive to arrange for a review of your ATM data security protocols. Ensure that they conform to industry best practices for secure communications.

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