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Solution Overview

Bridging the Gap between Transaction and Interaction

Interactive devices are changing the traditional banking model and transforming branch operations. As proven enablers for financial institutions seeking to increase profitability, teller assisted ATM terminals have emerged as providers of increased service at reduced cost. Innovative and efficient, teller assisted ATMs migrate traditional teller based transactions to a lower cost platform. Combining the benefits of face-to-face personal service with more traditional ATM capabilities, teller assisted terminals cost effectively expand the branch footprint, shorten teller lines, and free branch personnel to promote higher value products and services.

Increased Service…Lower Cost

The migration of teller assisted transactions to the ATM maximizes workforce productivity. The instant deployment of live tellers to multiple sites from a central location matches customer demand for when and where live-teller services are needed.

Providing a new channel for banks to interact with their cardholders, teller assisted ATM customers have a choice of either inserting their ATM/debit card in a traditional ATM fashion or interacting with a live bank teller. If the customer chooses the bank teller, a bank representative appears on the screen to handle account requests. The remote teller can accept deposits, dispense cash, perform transfers, update account information, and perform nearly every traditional teller service.

If the teller dispenses funds from the ATM, SWITCHWARE® G4 records the transaction in real-time in order to maintain current balances and cash positions. CSFi is the first to provide an ATM switch solution supporting the identification of teller-assisted cash dispensing transactions with a unique reference ID reflecting which teller authorized the withdrawal. This is the first ATM management solution to fully support these real-time teller dispense messages.

Enhanced Distribution Strategy, Increased Revenues

Whether free standing, in a wall, or deployed at a remote location, interactive ATMs combine the speed and accuracy of the self-service terminal with intelligence from the bank’s core system. Depending on model and device configuration, teller assisted ATM capabilities include:

  • Unlimited “anytime” access to live teller assistance
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Opportunity for teller promotion of high value products and services
  • Personalized and convenient face-to-face transaction services
  • Account transfers and deposits to more than one account in one transaction
  • Small footprint “branch in a box” alternative for remote locations
  • Shortened “in branch” teller lines
  • Card, cardless, mobile or contactless interaction and authentication
  • Ability to pre-stage withdrawals from a mobile device
  • High capacity multi-currency and denomination cash and coin dispense, deposit, and recycling abilities
  • Ability to initiate new accounts, loan applications, investment services…and much more


SWITCHWARE® G4 is certified to support the latest remote teller assisted devices from both NCR and Diebold/Nixdorf. CSFi was the first ATM management solution to fully support real-time teller dispense messages and continues to accommodate the migration of an expanding array of transactions from the teller to the ATM channel.

The ability to accommodate the latest innovations in profit maximizing technology is more important than ever. For nearly 40 years, financial institutions around the world have relied upon CSFi to support the latest innovations in ATM technology.

Learn more about how interactive ATMs can maximize operating efficiencies and branch profitability in your unique operating environment. Check Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) in the form below to arrange for a personal consultation.

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