Instant Card Issuance

Instant Card Issuance, Improve Cardholder Experience, Enhanced Security, Lower Costs, Increased Revenue

Whether issuing a new card or replacing a lost or stolen card, instant card issuance (ICI) represents a differentiating and customer friendly innovation. With ICI, both new and existing customers can walk into a branch and within minutes walk out with a new, fully activated payment card.

Easily integrated with SWITCHWARE® customers’ current card issuing capabilities, CSFi’s instant card issue functionality makes it easy to add instant card issuance to any “customer-first” menu of convenient card services and features.

Instant Card Issue Benefits

  • Enhanced Cardholder Experience- New cards are issued and activated immediately
  • Enhanced Security- Instant issuance eliminates the risk of cards being lost or stolen in the mail
  • Lowered Costs- Eliminates the cost of temporary card issuance and other shipping and handling expenses
  • Increased Revenues- Instant card activation facilitates immediate generation of interchange revenues
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention- Instant card issue acknowledges customers’ “right now” sensibilities

Instant card Issuance helps to build, enhance and sustain satisfying customer relationships.

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