CSFi Certifies GRG Remote Key Loading Support For SWITCHWARE

After delivery of GRG’s latest ATM to the CSFi laboratory, testing commenced to integrate these popular machines with SWITCHWARE’s RKL module. CSFi’s SWITCHWARE® was successful in securely sending and updating the A-key and B-key needed for PIN encryption used by the ATM.

GRG is a rising star among ATM manufacturers and is listed as a globally stable, wholly supported ATM vendor alongside NCR, Diebold-Nixdorf, Triton, and Hyosung. CSFi’s work with GRG represents our expanding support for the ATM debit industry and our ongoing commitment to offer more to our customers.

As a true multi-vendor ATM supporter, CSFi integrates with virtually any ATM. Nimble and responsive, CSFi provides everything needed for a financial institution’s ATM Debit processing needs. We collaborate with hundreds of international partners to forward the advancement of our customer’s electronic payments needs.

Contact Us for detailed information regarding CSFi’s global success in supporting ATM vendors and financial institutions around the world.

SWITCHWARE® is a multivendor, multi-lingual, and multi-country ATM application that meets the needs of banks of any size – from those with small ATM networks to global banks operating vast fleets for over 40 years.

By : Emily Baatz /May 21, 2021 /News /0 Comment

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