ATM Communications Encryption Using SSL/TLS 1.2

The ability to secure communications using SWITCHWARE’s support for SSL/TLS provides an essential layer of security for ATM networks. This commonly used encryption protocol is the same technology that powers the majority of internet and web encryption for all major web browsers. The security and power of a hardened encryption solution along with a highly adopted and well-known version makes SSL/TLS 1.2 the perfect solution for ATM communication encryption.

The most important aspect of securing the communications channel for an ATM is to maintain high levels of availability, which banks expect in their ATM network. Using SSL/TLS 1.2 provides a secure means to satisfy PCI requirements for encrypting transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

The Demand for Encrypted Communications

There are many reasons financial institutions should use encrypted communications:

  1. Mandated by PCI DSS for ATMs in use in open, public networks
  2. Protect against several logical in-network attacks, such as Man-in-the-Middle Attack, Network Cable Skimming Attack, Host Emulation Attack, Replay Attack and a Truncation Attack

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

A type of active eavesdropping where the attacker is able to make separate connections with the victim’s systems and relays messages between them, making both parties believe they are talking directly to each other over a private connection when in fact the whole conversation is intercepted (and possibly manipulated) by the attacker. The attacker must be able to intercept all messages going between the two victims and inject new ones.

A man-in-the-middle attack is only successful when the attacker is able to impersonate each endpoint to the satisfaction of the other. Most encryption protocols, including TLS 1.2, provide endpoint authentication and can prevent these types of attacks.

Network Cable Skimming Attack

This is where a special device is attached directly to the ATM network cables in order to capture card data. By encrypting the full network communications package before it leaves the ATM, using TLS 1.2, the captured information is rendered useless.

Host Emulation Attack

Where an emulated server or box is connected to the ATM network connection. Messages sent to the host during this type of attack are received by the host emulator and then a fraudulent response is sent back containing commands that allow unauthorized actions, such as cash dispensing.

Replay Attack

This attack uses a re-transmitted data stream to trick the system into unauthorized operations. For example a false identification or authentication or a duplicate transaction can be sent, which allows the attacker to gain unauthorized access to the network.

Truncation Attack

This attack involves the attacker causing the TCP session to be closed (via a TCP FIN) before the sender is finished sending data, forcing the receiver to think that all data has been received. As a consequence, the receiver can never be sure that more data was not forthcoming.

Encrypting All Endpoints is the Key

Using SWITCHWARE® support for SSL/TLS provides a way to encrypt communications between the ATM and the host. This security measure is essential to meeting the mandated standards set by PCI DSS, specifically for ATMs located in open, public networks. CSFi strongly recommends that customers begin to make the move to TLS 1.2 as soon as possible. NCR and Diebold’s Secure TLS Communications products can be used in conjunction with CSFi’s SSL/TLS feature to provide total encryption for your ATM network.

Learn more about how CSFi can secure your ATM communications network using SSL/TLS 1.2

Contact CSFi to arrange for a review of your ATM data security protocols. Ensure that they conform to industry best practices for secure communications.


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Win/Win: Deposit Automation and Cash Recycling

The Facts

Deposit Automation and Cash RecyclingOver 80% of traditional teller transactions can be handled through a self-service device. Investment in ATM deposit automation and cash recycling functionality yields big returns through a more streamlined cash and check deposit process that eliminates envelopes. Cash automation functionalities allow bank staff to focus on high value sales, product promotion and service activities and less on low value transactions and ATM cash replenishment.

Leveraging the capabilities of ATM deposit automation and cash recycling are key to an efficient and effective remote ATM/debit delivery strategy. Cost aware financial institutions are reshaping their branches towards a sales and service business model rather than a transaction processing model. As the need for low value tasks has diminished, the drive to enhance self-service capabilities has risen to the forefront. The automation of deposit validation, counting, sorting, storage and cash dispensing saves time and money. ATM cash recycling and deposit automation devices allow branches to operate more efficiently with less cash on hand.

It Gets Better

The immediate and proven benefits of cash automation have inspired rapid global adoption and remarkable enhancement of the technology. In response to clear demand, providers have stepped up with enhanced hardware and software solutions. The latest dedicated “pocket” recyclers deliver a vast increase in note capacity and improved customer experience for both individual consumers and small business customers.

CSFi on Top

SWITCHWARE® G4 is designed to maximize the profitability of multi-vendor ATM fleets and other integrated self-service devices. As a certified supporter of the latest innovations in cash recycling and deposit automation from nearly every major provider, CSFi is qualified to discuss how cash automation technology can accelerate branch transformation efforts in your unique operating environment.

Embrace the Future

CSFi solutions can maximize the efficiency of your branch network by addressing the needs of individual consumers as well as the needs of small to medium sized business. Cash automation solutions represent a major opportunity for financial service providers to streamline operations and enhance their bottom line.

Contact CSFI to learn more about SWITCHWARE® G4, Deposit Automation and Cash Recycling

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Multi Language and Multi Currency Support at the ATM

Advanced ATM Functionality - Multi language and multi currency support

Global, Mobile and Demanding

Maximizing innovation is more important now than ever. The battle for consumer favor has never been more intense. A truly global economy places extreme pressure on financial service providers to meet and beat consumer expectations. A financial institution’s ability to maintain profitability while satisfying customer demand is the goal. Winning and retaining customers to expand market share is critical, and banks must learn to be leaders, not followers in this ever-evolving industry.

Support for multiple languages and multi currency dispensing has been available with CSFi solutions for decades. The modern ATM displays multiple languages and dispenses multiple currencies through a simple screen based interface. Banks and FIs that wish to harness these modern features can do so with ease and flexibility by utilizing the easy setup options found in CSFi’s ATM switching solutions.

Multi language Access to ATMs is Essential

For business travelers, tourists and customers residing in multiethnic and international bordering communities the ability to communicate with customers in their native language is essential to customer satisfaction, along with the convenience of having access to foreign currency.

Powerful and Convenient

Multi language and multi currency ATMs are a powerful addition to any ATM network and a common sight at airports, train stations, border locations and cosmopolitan centers around the world.

Unlike more basic machines, advanced ATMs can interact in multiple languages and dispense multiple currencies from a single machine. Ideal for accessing local currency upon arrival at an overseas destination, the advanced multifunction ATM is viewed by customers as a key component of global life.

Financial Institutions around the world rely on CSFi to test the boundaries of what’s possible with an ATM.

Investigate the possibilities…Contact CSFi Find out how the combination of SWITCHWARE® G4 and Multi Language and Multi Currency support might enhance your bottom line.

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Universal Savings Bank is Live with SWITCHWARE G4

usbbankUniversal Savings Bank is live with an upgrade from SWITCHWARE 3.11 to SWITCHWARE® G4.

Configured as an ATM controller and transaction acquirer system, the bank now relies upon SWITCHWARE G4 for the routing of all acquired transactions, ATM monitoring, and maximum system availability.

Streamlining operations and minimizing costs while translating native ATM messages into the bank’s specified format for authorization, CSFi and SWITCHWARE G4 have once again demonstrated their ability to deliver cost effective solutions to unique operating environments.

SWITCHWARE G4 provides support for multi-vendor ATM fleets around the world. Current SWITCHWARE implementations drive thousands of ATMs, in over 20 countries.


SWITCHWARE EMV support functions provides an “end-to-end” EMV solution for both ATM acquiring and smart card issuance, enabling conformance to current and future EMV standards for payment processing of smart card transactions and include:

  • Offline PIN verification
  • Application cryptograms (ARQC/ARPC validation)
  • Card risk management (offline risk parameters and authorization controls)
  • Card security code (CSC, CVV, CVV2), Chip card security Code (iCVV or Chip CVC)
  • Card verification results (CVR) support
  • Cardholder Verification Methods (offline, fallback, online, signature, no CVM)
  • All chip cards (ICC, contact or contactless, dual interface)
  • Combined DDA & Application (CDA) cryptogram support
  • Issuer Scripting & Issuer Action Codes (IACs)
  • Message Authentication Code (MAC) support

The ability to accommodate the latest innovations in profit maximizing technology is more important than ever. The flexibility and scalability of SWITCHWARE® G4 is unsurpassed. Learn more about incorporating the transaction processing power, scalability and functionalities of SWITCHWARE® with G4 Web-based Apps in your unique ATM operating environment. Contact Sales to arrange for a personal appointment.

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ATM Inactivity Alerts

ATM Inactivity IconThe value of real-time monitoring and receiving ATM inactivity alerts cannot be overestimated. Often an indication that something is wrong, ATM inactivity may be the result of issues not ordinarily detected by traditional ATM diagnostic tools. This may include chewing gum lodged in the card reader or any other external issue that renders the ATM unusable but does not trigger an error condition to the backend ATM/switch system. ATMs that are unavailable and idle for any length of time is bad for your bottom line and bad for the cardholder’s experience.

Providing for the efficient monitoring and management of the entire ATM/EFT network, including real-time details of critical ATM/EFT network statuses, the hover-over and drill down facilities of the SWITCHWARE® G4 interface make it easy for authorized users to access and utilize the solution’s full capabilities. Vibrant, icon-based displays and color-coded alerts allow for immediate determination of the status of the entire ATM network, critical EFT switch network and core system connections, plus single click access to the system’s powerful card management, transaction research, system maintenance and reporting tools.

CSFi’s ATM Inactivity alerts work in conjunction with Sentinel and can be configured to react by:

  • Recognizing an ATM hardware fault has already been identified explaining the inactivity, and ignoring the alert
  • Dispatching/notifying a designated agent to check the ATM
  • Recording inactivity history essential to determining and setting individual ATM alert thresholds
  • And much more…

Visit CSFi.com or Contact CSFi to learn more about how SWITCHWARE® G4 can reduce ATM downtime, increase revenues, and enhance the customer experience.

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CSFi Completes Certification for Diebold’s Vista Stateless ATM Program

Diebold Nixdorf LogoSarasota, FL: CSFi is now certified to support interfacing with Diebold’s Vista ATM software. This major achievement means customers wishing to implement the Vista multivendor driving solution on their Diebold ATMs may do so by licensing the new Diebold Vista ATM handler for SWITCHWARE®.

The rigorous certification process ensures SWITCHWARE’s ability to provide error free management and a consistent customer experience running Vista on Diebold or non-Diebold hardware.

With VISTA’s open-architecture, financial institutions can experience the ease and flexibility of consistent performance across a multivendor self-service fleet with confidence it will connect across its enterprise. Diebold’s legacy ATM software known as Agilis is expected to sunset in the coming years. The planned replacement of ATMs running the Agilis program with Vista will be needed to satisfy upcoming PCI requirements for RSA Remote Key Loading.

Multivendor ATM driving solutions are emerging as a solution of choice for banks large and small. Heavily adopted by Fifth Third Bank and TD Bank, the program offers significant advantages and flexibility to providers of advanced self-service banking solutions.

Vista ATM management software benefits:

  • Single Certification for introduction of enhanced features and functionalities reduces time to market.
  • Lower cost of system updates and upgrades
  • Uniform customer experience ensured by the integrated implementation of customer facing technology
  • Simplified cross platform response to events threatening the cardholder experience or brand integrity
  • Easy management of cross platform cardholder management and marketing strategies
  • Greater flexibility in choice of hardware and software solutions

Flexibility is fundamental to success

Even if they are not currently operating a mixed fleet of ATM’s, every FI looks to the future. The competitive case for multivendor ATM software is compelling. Reducing the costs of regulatory compliance, as well as deployment and maintenance of ATM hardware and software in a multi-vendor environment, the flexibility provided deserves a second look.

Contact CSFi today to learn how SWITCHWARE® and Diebold’s Vista platform can increase the profitability of your enterprise.

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SWITCHWARE G4 Supports NCR S2 High Capacity Note Dispenser

SWITCHWARE® is now certified to support NCR’s new S2 Media Dispense Module. As a component of NCR’s Media Handling 2.0 bundle that provides functionality for high capacity withdrawals, deposit and recycling modules, the S2 dispenser technology drives higher availability and dependability through a series of hardware and software improvements to the NCR ATM.

Highlighted S2 Media Dispense Features:

  • Increased note present and bunch capacity up to 60 notes (a 50% increase over the S1 dispenser)
  • Increased cassette capacity by 17% to store up to 2,500 notes
  • Simplified range of service parts – via 7 key compact field replaceable units
  • Optimal note picking performance using vacuum based adaptive pick technology
  • Secure carriage based transport – programmable to deliver “clean sweep” of note transport, checking for fraudulent trapping devices
  • Anti-overfill mechanism in each cassette – unique to NCR
  • Single note divert capability to minimize purge bin overfill and maximize efficient use of media within the dispenser
  • State of Health Indicators – a “traffic light” interface provides a real time visual guide of the dispenser’s overall well-being
  • Separate purge bin compartments simplify reconciliation and dispute resolution

CSFi works closely with both ATM manufacturers and related third party application providers to deliver solutions supporting the needs of financial institutions around the globe.

Contact a CSFi account representative today or Click here to learn more about the benefits of incorporating the processing power, scalability, and functionalities of SWITCHWARE® into your operating environment.

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PointBank is Live with SWITCHWARE G4 and First Data STAR RTCM

Point Bank LogoPilot Point, TX: PointBank is now live with SWITCHWARE® G4. The new system, deployed on a VMware ESXi platform, includes certification and implementation of First Data STAR Real-Time Card Maintenance (RTCM) functionality.

An independent locally owned bank serving the community since 1884, Point Bank currently has nine branch locations 20 ATMs and plans for future expansion.  The bank’s decision to upgrade to SWITCHWARE G4 from SWITCHWARE 3.12 was made after identifying it as the most cost effective and reliable management solution for its EMV compliant payment processing platform. SWITCHWARE G4’s support for multiple institutions, ATM/EFT networks, core banking systems and other third party applications provides Point Bank with the flexibility and scalability necessary to support any and all of the bank’s future payments processing initiatives.

SWITCHWARE G4 support for First Data Star RTCM will enable the instant identification and leveraging of current trends in card usage and system status important to realizing the full revenue potential of their debit card programs including real-time access and reporting on all critical debit card activity:

  • Current activity and balances
  • Account transfers
  • Interchange fee generation
  • Debit card activations
  • Effectiveness of rewards and loyalty programs
  • Changes in personal cardholder preferences
  • Faster resolution of transactional disputes
  • Suspicious or fraudulent activity and more

The advanced features of SWITCHWARE G4 ensure that both the bank and its cardholders are relying upon the most advanced, secure and feature rich debit card management technology available.

The G4 upgrade will continue existing support for already enabled advanced functionalities including EMV Issuing and Acquiring, FraudBlock Real –Time Fraud Prevention System, Sentinel Alerts, and support for Datacard® “CardWizard® for instant card issuance.

Providing an at-a-glance view of the entire debit payment network, the G4 front end interface’s exponential improvement in system navigation, transaction processing management, and general system control ensures that every authorized user can easily utilize the system’s full capabilities. G4 base system functionalities include online ATM/debit issuer authorizations, real-time online card maintenance (OLCM) updates as well as an expanding menu of additional new features and options reducing fraud losses and streamlining management of debit card operations:

  • FraudBlock integrated, rules-based, real-time fraud detection and prevention system
  • Sentinel™ Alert Notification System providing unattended monitoring of ATM’s, core system interface EFT connections and more
  • Cardless Withdrawals and Deposits
  • On-demand ATM/EFT Network Denial Rules
  • Cardholder Alerts via email and SMS-text
  • Instant Card Issuance
  • ATM inactivity status updates
  • Advanced “drill down” transaction and cardholder research and reporting
  • Secure, single point of card maintenance entry
  • Automated job/task schedule management
  • System health check monitoring including all connections and database status
  • Stand-in authorization using a positive balance file (in addition to using card limits), when the host authorizing system is unavailable
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • Audits and logs of all user activity and more…

To learn more, Register now at CSFi.com and enable full access to our web resources. Once registered, users have access to brochures, videos and additional information fully describing the features and benefits of SWITCHWARE® G4, EMV support, Virtualization and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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National Bank of Bahrain to Install ATM Remote Key Loading

Manama, Bahrain: Continuing its tradition of providing the highest level of security and convenience for their cardholders, National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has upgraded its installation of SWITCHWARE® 3.12 to begin a project for installing SWITCHWARE® Remote Key Loading functionality.

Unlocking Efficiencies with Remote Key Enabled ATMs

Saving time and cost, SWITCHWARE’s integrated Remote Key Loading (RKL) functions with RSA authentication includes support for both Diebold’s certificate-based protocol and NCR’s signature-based protocol. Key custodians no longer need to travel long distances to load keys into the ATM.

Saving Time, Ensuring Compliance, Better Resource Allocation

New keys can be remotely injected into ATMs without the need for a physical visit. Keys can be randomly regenerated using commands sent from SWITCHWARE, encrypted with the RSA key and then downloaded to the ATM. National Bank of Bahrain staff can now be used for more productive tasks and while both the bank and its customers benefit from increased security.

Remote Key Loading Benefits

  • Centralized initial key management
  • Dynamic key exchanging
  • Elimination of physical ATM key loading
  • Better utilization of staff and resources
  • No additional hardware required
  • Utilizes existing interface to the hardware security module (HSM)

Remote Key Loading Functions

  • ATM Remote key management
  • RSA authentication
  • Thales, Futurex and Safenet HSM support
  • NCR signature-based protocol support
  • Diebold certificate-based protocol support

While fraud mitigation measures have proven invaluable, past compliance with evolving key management protocols have been difficult and expensive to implement, involving a physical visit by a minimum of two key custodians to generate and deploy new ATM keys. Now, with CSFi’s Remote Key Loading, the costs of key generation, storage, and distribution processes are dramatically reduced.

To learn more, Register now at CSFi.com and enable full access to our web resources. Once registered, users have full access to brochures, videos and additional information fully describing the features and benefits FraudBlock™, Deposit Automation, Remote Key Loading and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Baiduri Bank to Implement SWITCHWARE High Availability

Brunei: Having long relied upon CSFi solutions for multi-vendor ATM driving and management, EMV support, disaster recovery, and on-line ATM/debit core authorization and EFT interfaces, Baiduri Bank is now implementing a new SWITCHWARE® high availability solution.

Operating in today’s super competitive 24/7 global economy means that mission critical applications can’t afford to be off-line. Stable system operations and maximized up-time are vital to the success of any large-scale banking operation. Customer loyalty and brand identity are tested and redefined with every transaction.

As one of the leading banks in the country, with a long record of financial innovation and pioneering activities, Baiduri Bank’s payment card business has the largest card member and merchant base in the region. It is the only bank in Brunei to hold franchises for four major card brands: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and China Union Pay.

CSFi offers a wide array of solutions designed to reduce downtime, monitor and optimize system performance, and thwart fraudulent activities.

To learn more, Register now at CSFi.com and enable full access to our web resources. Once registered, users have full access to brochures, videos and additional information fully describing the features and benefits of SWITCHWARE®, High Availability Solutions, Backup and Disaster Recovery, FraudBlock™, and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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