CSFi Releases G4-Web Maker-Checker Module

The SWITCHWARE® G4-Web Maker-Checker add-on permits one person to make card record changes in the G4-web customer card management (CCM) client application and a second person to approve the change. It enhances the overall G4-web cardholder management security and experience by creating a validation mechanism. It provides dual control for strict governance, accountability and additional validation before card maintenance changes are finalized in the production system.

There are two types of user definitions:

Processors Users who initiate and perform card maintenance changes but require an Authorizer to review the changes before they are committed to the system.

Authorizers Unable to initiate changes, these users are responsible for reviewing changes, requesting corrections by the processor and committing them to production only after the review process has been successfully completed.

Maker-Checker workflow

Benefits of CSFi Maker-Checker

• Requires at least two individuals to complete a change (a processor and authorizer).
• Total user accountability
• All changes must be verified before the changes are committed to the production system
• Errors can be caught and corrected before impacting the production environment
• All change requests are audited, recorded, and available for review at any time
• Enhances card fraud detection
• As an add-on it can be easily enabled/disabled for backwards compatibility

“Maker-Checker” segregates duties. No single employee/individual can have complete control over a card maintenance action. While “the maker” (processor) inputs the modification, a second party “the checker” (authorizer) verifies the information and then approves, denies, or recommends changes/corrections back to the processor who initiated the request. No individual can perpetrate a fraudulent or mistaken modification without the checker reviewing and approving or denying it.

The Maker-Checker client module records all changes made by an identified processor including the BIN, cardholder number, change type, dates, times,  and current status of the modification process. Monitoring and administration of the authentication process is highly intuitive with color coded screen views indicating whether a change has been submitted, declined, completed or requires correction. The date that the processor performed the change and the date and identity of the Authorizer declining or approving the change is also recorded.

Contact your CSFi account executive to learn more.

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Discontinued Support for IE in Future G4 Web Apps

Since many of our customers rely upon Microsoft products in their data centers, CSFi has continued to provide support for Microsoft’s legacy web browser, Internet Explorer. Now that Windows 7 is no longer supported the new Microsoft Edge browser has become the standard browser available for Windows, version 8 and onward. As a result of this change, CSFi intends to discontinue support for IE with our G4 web apps. Customers already using CSFi G4 web apps versions 1.5 and earlier will continue to receive support for IE. In cooperation with Microsoft’s policy to discontinue support for Internet Explorer, the upcoming release for G4 web apps (version 1.6 and onward) will no longer offer support for Internet Explorer. Our customers are encouraged to begin making the transition from this unsupported web-browser to a supported one. Supported browsers include the latest versions of:

Happy Guy sitting at a desktop computer with browser icons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari.
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Related information on this subject can be found here:



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Predictive Alerting Feature

MEMA Void pattern Detection Tool

Designed to streamline the management and monitoring of card initiated transactions, MEMA (Modified Exponential Moving Average) is CSFi’s proprietary tool allowing users to set and track threshold values on void code occurrences.

Preinstalled in every version of SWITCHWARE®  powerful MEMA functionalities enhance the cardholder experience by ensuring financial institutions are aware of potential problems before they receive a customer call. Alerts can be sent to designated staff or third party agents at specific times depending on the type and severity of issue detected. Alerts will be escalated until the condition is resolved.

How does it work?

MEMA allows customized configuration of void code tracking and alert parameters. Implementation of MEMA functionality enables real-time tracking, analysis and proactive resolution of individual or grouped decline code occurrences. When specified code occurrences exceed thresholds, alert messages can be sent to designated recipients through the Sentinel™ Alert Notification System.

Users can combine void codes, frequency and authorizer information to pinpoint and rectify problems impacting the revenue stream and customer experience important to every financial institution.

How to Implement MEMA in SWITCHWARE®

As MEMA is preinstalled with SWITCHWARE, there are no additional scripts or procedures required. MEMA rules and alert parameters are configured using SWITCHWARE’s system manager client application.

Functions & Benefits:

  • Proactive system monitoring and void code pattern detection
  • User-defined customizable alert thresholds
  • Real-time pattern detection
  • Staff can be notified of impending problems before customers are affected
  • Proactive measures can be taken to insulate customers from potentially widespread problems
  • Alert notification of recurring void code patterns when using Sentinel™

For more information on how MEMA implementation can benefit your operating environment, Register now and Contact Us at CSFi.com. Once registered, users have access to brochures, videos and additional information describing the features and benefits of SWITCHWARE® and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Tokenization and Mobile Wallet Support

Mobile Wallet Support and Tokenization

Mobile Wallets are compatible with most modern card readers. Their use is on the rise and streamlining modern consumer payments. Existing SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® customers can deploy digital wallet support securely and easily without any changes to their system. These systems can also be upgraded to store and report specified tokenized transaction data.

Click below to learn more about how SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® mobile wallet support can help optimize your digital wallet solution. Register Now to view the whitepaper.

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Detect and Block Unauthorized ATM/POS Limit Changes in SWITCHWARE G4


In order to mitigate losses stemming from ATM cash out schemes, CSFi recently deployed an update designed to stop this type of attack in its tracks.

Utilizing Sentinel™ alerts, the update simplifies the detection of unauthorized changes to card limits. SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® users now have a simple way to ensure that no one performs back office or other access of the system without the bank knowing about it. Whether originating from a compromised workstation or any other source, users now have the capability to stop this type of fraud before it happens. Contact CSFi to Learn more

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CSFi Certifies EMV Enabled Hyosung ATMs in SWITCHWARE

For over a decade, CSFi has offered proven integrated solutions for EMV acquiring, issuing, and issuer-processing support. CSFi EMV solutions take full advantage of EMV technology in providing secure cardholder authentication for most leading ATM brands including Diebold, NCR and Hyosung.

Chip Card

Click for information on how CSFi’s SWITCHWARE® and EMV Card Technology can pave the way for your successful migration to an EMV compliant payments platform.

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SWITCHWARE 4.0 New Release Features and Functions

SWITCHWARE 4.0 is the latest evolution of CSFi’s payment authorization and transaction switching software.  Enhancing the raw transaction processing power, scalability and functionalities from previous versions, 4.0 is the result of many years of development and is fully integrated with our G4 web-based applications.

Full PA-DSS v3.2 Compliance
PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) is the worldwide information security standard assembled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The standard helps organizations that process payment card transactions to prevent card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise. SWITCHWARE 4.0 meets the latest PA-DSS requirements for properly storing, handling and disseminating sensitive cardholder data.

The same Seamless Integration with FraudBlock™ is still available.

Enabling and Disabling of Cards
Cardholders can temporarily disable their debit cards when they are not being used, and re-activate them on demand. Release 4.0 provides a new API that allows these changes to occur from other systems such as internet banking and mobile banking.

Enhanced Cardholder Limits
Six customizable limit fields can now be used in addition to the regular ATM and POS limits. The system will provide a selection of multiple rules that may apply to these custom limit fields. One example is a rule to set a daily limit on the total monetary amount of e-commerce transactions a cardholder performs.

Contactless Transaction Support
Release 4.0 supports acquiring and issuing for all EMV card types, including contactless, with various ATM brands using the latest in near-field chip technology.

Linked-Account Limits
Separate from cardholder limits, users will have the option to set withdrawal limits for each account linked to a card.

Activate/Deactivate Entire BIN
A popular feature when setting up or converting a new BIN on the system, users will now be able to turn on or off the activity of their cardholders for an entire BIN.

SSL/TLS 1.2 Encryption with Connected Devices
End-to-end network encryption with connected devices (ATMs, POS terminal, etc.) is now supported. Users will be able to setup network encryption using SSL/TLS 1.2 and manage the encryption certificates, keys and functionality within SWITCHWARE. An especially useful feature for any acquiring device setup in a standalone location outside the bank’s immediate network and vulnerable to on premise hacking.

Diebold-Nixdorf Vista and NCR EDGE Support for Windows 10
SWITCHWARE certification of the latest in ATM program technology (Diebold’s Vista 5.4 and NCR’s EDGE 10) allows Windows 10 to be installed throughout your ATM network.  

ATM Security and Device Enhancements
Using TMDs anti-skimming protection devices, such as the “Card Protection Kits” and the “Active DIP Kits”, SWITCHWARE now provides functionality to alert when it suspects a skimming device attaches to one of the ATMs.

Enhanced Automated Stand-In Processing (STIP)
Instead of waiting on a handshake to determine if the authorizing system is unavailable, expanded STIP now allows a single, in-flight transaction to be authorized by SWITCHWARE.

Triton ATM Electronic Journal (EJ) & EMV Support
Triton ATM support has been expanded to include EMV transaction acquiring and EJ viewing within the G4 web application.

Mobile Wallet Enrollment Support
Where Visa or MasterCard performs an inquiry transaction for mobile wallet enrollment, SWITCHWARE 4.0 will record the mobile wallet enrollment data for Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Currency & Denomination Selection Support
For ATMs using Diebold’s Vista or NCR’s EDGE 7.0 stateless ATM program, SWITCHWARE can dispense funds where the cardholder selects specific denominations and currencies at the ATM.

ATM Low-Note Thresholds For Cassettes
Enhanced ATM control includes monitoring each ATM’s individual cassettes and performing alert notifications for conditions such as low on notes.

Foreign Cardholder Limit Features
A financial institution can now limit or block other bank’s cardholders at the ATMs connected to SWITCHWARE. Limits can be defined on a per-transaction basis, as well as applied to specific foreign BINs and blocking for transactions that attempt “Fallback”.

SWITCHWARE 4.0 is the future. Contact CSFi today for a brochure, and detailed assessment of how CSFi can further your institution’s profitability.

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American First National Bank is Live with EZswitch G4

American First National Bank logo

Houston, TX: With nearly $1.6 billion in assets and 17 interstate branches, American First National Bank seeks to become the leading Asian-American owned financial institution within the United States. In an effort to accomplish that goal, the bank has chosen EZswitch® G4 as the new online interface connecting their Fiserv Precision core system to the Elan EFT network.

Since 2012 the bank has relied upon CSFi to streamline card operations and is now taking advantage of the latest EZswitch enhancements including G4 Web-based apps. Their new online interface introduces a host of new features proven to lower costs, boost revenues, and improve operational efficiency.

As a commercial bank moving forward to meet every banking need, American First National Bank chose a Virtual Implementation of EZswitch G4 as the best choice to exceed customer expectations and increase shareholder profitability.

The immediate and recognizable benefits to both the bank and its customers will include an improved cardholder experience with integrated support for full EMV functionality, improved data and transaction security, and many additional features and options including:

G4 Web-based Applications

Providing an “at-a-glance” view of the entire debit payment network, the powerful G4 front-end’s intuitive navigational tools will enable every user to easily utilize the new system’s full capabilities, including: real-time system wide monitoring, automated job/task scheduling, and advanced card maintenance and transaction research and reporting.

The upgrade to EZswitch® G4 ensures that the bank and its cardholders are relying on the most secure and scalable end-to-end debit card management solution available.

To learn more, Register now at CSFi.com and enable full access to our web resources. Once registered, users have full access to brochures, videos and additional information fully describing the features and benefits of EZswitch®, G4, Sentinel, FraudBlock, EMV support, Virtualization and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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SWITCHWARE 4.0 Validated for PA-DSS v3.2

PCI Security Standard Council logo

CSFi has achieved PA-DSS v3.2 payment application validation for SWITCHWARE® 4.0. In the wake of growing electronic transaction fraud and data leakage, the PCI Security Standards Council, has updated industry-wide standards to improve authentication, third party accountability and software design. The PA-DSS validation was conducted by SISA, a PA-QSA Payment Application Quality Assessor company. For a full list of PA-DSS validated payment applications please click here.

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Mascoma Bank Selects SWITCHWARE G4 & FraudBlock

Mascoma Bank logo

Lebanon, NH: For nearly 120 years Mascoma Bank has exceeded the expectations of the customers, community and employees it serves. CSFi has been chosen to continue a long tradition of profitably providing an array of financial products and services to meet the changing needs of consumer and business customers.

By the end of 1899, Mascoma Bank assets totaled less than $27,000. Now, with over $1.7 Billion in assets and 25 offices, the interstate commercial bank has chosen CSFi’s  SWITCHWARE® G4,  FraudBlock™ and POS and mPOS systems to continue their proud tradition and provide card management, ATM and ITM driving, and future merchant acquiring services to retail customers and local businesses.

Mascoma is a modern bank. Learn more about their history, vision, and commitments including online banking, mobile banking, e-wallet, innovative ATM/ITM services, and other bank offerings by clicking here: MascomaBank.com


Designed to streamline operations and simplify the monitoring and management of both today’s and tomorrow’s emerging payments technologies, the bank will rely upon SWITCHWARE G4 for the routing of all acquired transactions, ATM monitoring, and maximum system availability. Providing support for multi-vendor ATM fleets around the world, SWITCHWARE drives thousands of ATMs in over 20 countries.

SWITCHWARE support functions provide “end-to-end” EMV solutions for smart card issuance and acquiring and enable conformance to current and future EMV standards for processing smart card transactions including:

  • Offline PIN verification
  • Application cryptograms (ARQC/ARPC validation)
  • Card risk management (offline risk parameters and authorization controls)
  • Card security code (CSC, CVV, CVV2), Chip card security Code (iCVV or Chip CVC)
  • Card verification results (CVR) support
  • Cardholder Verification Methods (offline, fallback, online, signature, no CVM)
  • All chip cards (ICC, contact or contactless, dual interface)
  • Combined DDA & Application (CDA) cryptogram support
  • Issuer Scripting & Issuer Action Codes (IACs)
  • Message Authentication Code (MAC) support


FraudBlock is CSFI’s dynamic, real-time fraud detection and prevention solution designed to integrate seamlessly with SWITCHWARE to reduce fraud losses and boost cardholder confidence. FraudBlock will provide Mascoma Bank with real-time fraud monitoring and research, and the capability to stop fraud before it happens. The highly parameterized rules-based nature of the system will allow extreme flexibility in tailoring functionalities to meet current and future business requirements of the bank and its customers.

The ability to accommodate the latest innovations in profit maximizing technology is more important than ever. The flexibility and scalability of SWITCHWARE G4 is unsurpassed. Learn more about incorporating the transaction processing power, scalability and functionalities of SWITCHWARE with G4 Web-based Apps in your unique ATM operating environment. Contact Sales to arrange for a personal appointment.

Learn more…Register now at CSFi.comOnce registered, users have full access to brochures, videos and additional information describing the features and benefits of our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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