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SWITCHWARE 4 TR-31 Key Block Support

Starting in January 2018, organizations that use cryptogram-based encryption methods to protect their symmetric keys began transferring to a key block-based encryption method. This change reflects the update made to PCI PIN guidelines to better protect cryptographic keys from unintended use. Of the various methods available, the TR-31 key block format is the most popular. 

The TR-31 key blocks stored in SWITCHWARE 4.0 (and above) work well with all existing RKL transport methods in place today.

In the near future TR-31/34 support for RKL with SWITCHWARE-driven ATMs is planned to be offered using a single SWITCHWARE interface to Trusted Security Solution’s A98 system. 

Click here for more information on TR-31 Key Block Storage and additional CSFi Encryption Solutions and Updates.

Click here to learn more about PCI Pin Security Requirements

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Support During COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Dear Valued Customer,

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic, CSF International (CSFi) wishes to communicate to you that we are conducting our business as usual and you will not experience any degradation in customer support services. All CSFi staff members are being socially responsible and adhering to government-imposed precautions to limit the spread of this virus and to avoid placing undue strain on our country’s health care services.

CSFi employees are currently using a combination of social distancing and also working from home. For business continuity, we have also been using the latest technologies available to conduct our daily business operations. This includes but is not limited to our own Internet-based web support system for customer support tickets and various other commercially available applications like ConnectWise, WhatsApp, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype that allow CSFi to communicate amongst staff members and customers.

We encourage you to continue your normal ways of interacting with CSFi. This includes using our web support system for generating trouble tickets, sending emails to our regular email addresses, calling our normal phone numbers and extensions (CSFi is initiating automated forwarding to alternate numbers for key employees) and our 24/7 after hours call center for those with a subscription and access code.

During these challenging times, we are thankful to the hard working people in the health care profession and first responders who are catering to the ill. We wish our customers, their families and the world the best of health.

Throughout history, humanity has faced many challenges. The strength and resiliency of the human spirit has overcome every obstacle to survival. We have always emerged stronger. Difficult times have a way of bringing out the best in people and remind us all of what is most important in life – this time will be no different and we shall overcome!

Be well and kind regards,
CSF International, Inc.

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Contactless Limits

Close up of person hovering contactless card over a POS device.

Globally established as a safe, highly secure and popular payment method, more and more merchant payment terminals include a contactless payment symbol indicating that NFC payments can be made at the terminal.  

Contactless or Near Field Communication (NFC) payment methods include bank issued debit/credit contactless cards, key fobs, mobile devices (using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, etc.) or any financial institution’s mobile application with contactless support. 

Faster and more secure than transactions performed using dip or swipe contact cards, contactless NFC transactions are performed by consumers placing a contactless card or device within two inches of a contactless device to initiate their payment. While Contactless payment transactions have the same protection as chip and PIN payments, a contactless NFC transaction can be conducted without entering a PIN which has some inherent risks associated with it. 

SWITCHWARE® support of contactless payment transactions allows for the unique identification of contactless transactions from acquiring payment terminals. By identifying these transactions, SWITCHWARE allows financial institutions to implement customized cardholder transaction limits, including daily, and per transaction PIN-less limits on NFC transactions purchases and withdrawals.

When these limits are reached, the financial institution has the ability to reject the transaction authorization request or force the cardholder to perform a “contact” transaction with a PIN reducing fraud and mitigating risk. In some regions of the world, including Europe), Visa and MasterCard are also supporting more stringent measures for tracking and managing contactless transactions.  Under the more stringent measures, once a Low Value Transaction (LVT) limit is reached (established by the card issuer), the issuer can respond with a specific decline code instructing the cardholder to enter a PIN on a PIN entry device (PED) instead of requiring an additional tap at the PED or the need to perform a chip and PIN transaction.  

Contact Us for more information on CSFi Contactless Limits Support and Visit CSFi.com to for additional CSFi POS and mPOS support solutions of potential benefit to your enterprise.

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Predictive Alerting Feature

MEMA Void pattern Detection Tool

Designed to streamline the management and monitoring of card initiated transactions, MEMA (Modified Exponential Moving Average) is CSFi’s proprietary tool allowing users to set and track threshold values on void code occurrences.

Preinstalled in every version of SWITCHWARE®  powerful MEMA functionalities enhance the cardholder experience by ensuring financial institutions are aware of potential problems before they receive a customer call. Alerts can be sent to designated staff or third party agents at specific times depending on the type and severity of issue detected. Alerts will be escalated until the condition is resolved.

How does it work?

MEMA allows customized configuration of void code tracking and alert parameters. Implementation of MEMA functionality enables real-time tracking, analysis and proactive resolution of individual or grouped decline code occurrences. When specified code occurrences exceed thresholds, alert messages can be sent to designated recipients through the Sentinel™ Alert Notification System.

Users can combine void codes, frequency and authorizer information to pinpoint and rectify problems impacting the revenue stream and customer experience important to every financial institution.

How to Implement MEMA in SWITCHWARE®

As MEMA is preinstalled with SWITCHWARE, there are no additional scripts or procedures required. MEMA rules and alert parameters are configured using SWITCHWARE’s system manager client application.

Functions & Benefits:

  • Proactive system monitoring and void code pattern detection
  • User-defined customizable alert thresholds
  • Real-time pattern detection
  • Staff can be notified of impending problems before customers are affected
  • Proactive measures can be taken to insulate customers from potentially widespread problems
  • Alert notification of recurring void code patterns when using Sentinel™

For more information on how MEMA implementation can benefit your operating environment, Register now and Contact Us at CSFi.com. Once registered, users have access to brochures, videos and additional information describing the features and benefits of SWITCHWARE® and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Know Your Options: Customized Note Dispensing at the ATM

Bank Customer expectations have never been higher. Around the world, more cash is in circulation than ever before and remains a primary method of payment in most countries.

Ever Visit the ATM and Been Frustrated it Dispenses Nothing but Twenties?

Convenient access to cash in customer preferred denominations is made possible by multi-denomination dispensing ATMs…some even dispense coins. Whether you need a small or large sum of money, customized note dispensing at the ATM can make your day.

US Dollars

SWITCHWARE® Support for Customized Note Dispensing

CSFi’s SWITCHWARE has long supported multi-denomination ATM’s. For banks looking to enhance the cardholder experience while shortening teller lines, it can make a lot of sense.

What Are the Options?

The options can include, at the host banks discretion, dispensation of any mix of available denominations. Available dispensation options (depending on the ATM) can include:

  • Fewest number of available notes as a default
  • Inclusion of at least one small denomination note
  • Host determined fixed denomination break downs for various withdrawal amounts
  • Equal number of notes dispensed from each canister
  • Customer selection from available notes prior to dispensing.

If a requested mix of denominations is not available, the ATM will default back to a fixed note definition provided by the host.

Contact us for more detailed information on how SWITCHWARE® customized note dispensing can enhance the cardholder experience by delivering more personalized service at your ATMs.

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NBB Live with Containerized P2P Solution

Color blocks coming out of a box with application and network icons

Build once…Run anywhere Containerized software solutions from CSFi facilitate speedy, efficient and secure customer implementation of game changing functionalities.

SADAD VIVA Cash Withdrawal Service

The VIVA Cash payment process is fast, safe and smart…when you send money with your debit card VIVA Cash doesn’t store your card details. The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is now live with SADAD Viva Cash Withdrawal service at their SWITCHWARE® driven ATMs. Delivered by a “containerized” software solution, the newly implemented service allows person to person (P2P) cardless cash withdrawals from any NBB ATM. Any SADAD user can now select a “Cash Withdrawal Service” option from their mobile app to designate a cash amount to be dispersed to any SADAD funds recipient.

Containerization is Efficient

As bank operations grow, so do the demands on payments processing systems. Swift implementation of the CSFi developed middleware interface to SADAD was made possible by containerized delivery of the software solution.

The challenges presented when introducing new features, upgrading, or scaling functionality can seem insurmountable at a reasonable price. Containerization addresses these challenges. Maximizing the use of existing resources, businesses can grow more efficiently. Containerization is a complementary approach to virtualization designed to solve application management issues.

Click here to contact CSFi. Learn more about how SWITCHWARE® supported Cardless P2P Withdrawals and containerized delivery of software solutions can positively impact your bottom line.

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Instant Card Issuance

Instant Card Issuance, Improve Cardholder Experience, Enhanced Security, Lower Costs, Increased Revenue

Whether issuing a new card or replacing a lost or stolen card, instant card issuance (ICI) represents a differentiating and customer friendly innovation. With ICI, both new and existing customers can walk into a branch and within minutes walk out with a new, fully activated payment card.

Easily integrated with SWITCHWARE® customers’ current card issuing capabilities, CSFi’s instant card issue functionality makes it easy to add instant card issuance to any “customer-first” menu of convenient card services and features.

Instant Card Issue Benefits

  • Enhanced Cardholder Experience- New cards are issued and activated immediately
  • Enhanced Security- Instant issuance eliminates the risk of cards being lost or stolen in the mail
  • Lowered Costs- Eliminates the cost of temporary card issuance and other shipping and handling expenses
  • Increased Revenues- Instant card activation facilitates immediate generation of interchange revenues
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention- Instant card issue acknowledges customers’ “right now” sensibilities

Instant card Issuance helps to build, enhance and sustain satisfying customer relationships.

Learn more about Instant Card Issuance and additional SWITCHWARE® card issuance functionalities at CSFi.com. Register now to enable access to our web resources including brochures, videos and additional information describing the features and benefits of our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Where Do You Draw the Line?

Card-not-present and other potentially fraudulent card based transactions present challenges to every financial institution. As the card fraud and liability landscape evolves so must fraud rules and policies…but at what cost? To “block or not to block” is the question…CSFi’s FraudBlock™ Simulator helps to provide the answer.

FraudBlock™ Simulator Alleviates Uncertainty 

In order to avoid cardholder alienation and lost card revenue, the latest version of FraudBlock™ includes a transaction modeling feature enabling institutions to test and analyze authorization rule impact prior to rule implementation. It is what it sounds like…seeing the future.

By instantly running any proposed fraud rule restrictions against past transaction records, institutions can now “look before they leap” into any new rules-based fraud prevention strategy.

Take Card Fraud Head On

Contact CSFi to learn more about how the globally proven combination of FraudBlock™, SWITCHWARE® and rule simulation can assist in the confident implementation of your fraud policy.

Register now at CSFi.com to view videos of FraudBlock in action and access an array of brochures, videos and additional documentation describing the features and benefits of our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Brains Over Brawn

Recently a CSFi issuing bank customer turned to CSFi after facing a series of “brute force” BIN attacks.

Working in concert with the CSFi support team and utilizing FraudBlock™ real-time fraud protection capabilities the issue was rapidly resolved.  The bank staff now rests easier knowing that future incidents of this nature can be quickly identified and the fraudsters stopped dead in their tracks.

Click here… to learn more about CSFi’s FraudBlock™ real-time, rules base fraud protection system. Register now to view a video demonstration of FraudBlock in action.

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