SWITCHWARE Remote Enabling and Disabling of Contactless Cards

nfc-cardSWITCHWARE now offers the ability to remotely send commands to the chip on the card, instructing it to turn off or on the NFC communication, enabling or disabling the contactless feature. This command is setup in SWITCHWARE and is transmitted to the chip on the card the next time the cardholder uses their card in the store.

To learn more about using the NFC contactless control features in SWITCHWARE, please contact the CSFi Sales Team.

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Fiserv CardHub Card Monitoring Smartphone App Integration

fiservFormerly ONDOT Solutions, Fiserv CardHub™ offers a popular, industry-adopted smartphone app for monitoring and managing cards. CardHub’s solution includes enabling/disabling the card and geo-location validation, where the card and phone must be near use. CSFi, working in partnership with Fiserv, has developed a custom API interface to connect the SWITCHWARE® transaction processing engine and send transactions.  The combination of SWITCHWARE and CardHub™ provides a superior customer experience for cardholders who can more effectively control their cards.

To learn more about SWITCHWARE integration with CardHub, please contact the CSFi Sales Team.

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TR-34/SHA-2 Remote Key Loading Support with TSS

tssCSFi has partnered with Trusted Security Solutions (TSS) to role out the latest remote key injection solution for ATM-driving customers. With the expected PCI mandates for TR-34 and SHA-2 encryption at the ATM’s EPP, SWITCHWARE® can now support remotely sending new terminal keys and PIN keys to the ATM. TSS interfaces with SWITCHWARE to send a unique highly secure message to the ATM to update the encryption keys used for securing the cardholder’s PIN.

To learn more about installing remote key loading using SHA-2/TR-34 standards, please contact the CSFi Sales Team.

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SWITCHWARE Certified for Hyosung HIP

hyosungSWITCHWARE® expands support for stateless ATM programs by now interfacing with Hyosung’s latest NBS Hyosung Interactive Program (HIP) which uses a standard definition of OPKEYs. This is in keeping with other popular vendor approaches for stateless ATM programs and provides a common user experience at the ATM across all HIP ATMs.

Contact CSFi Sales Team to learn more about driving Hyosung ATMs running that latest HIP program.

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SWITCHWARE Support for Visa Base II

visaExpanding on our popular Visa Base I interface, CSFi now supports a program for full handling of the Base II settlement file used for End-of-Day (EOD) batch and accrual processing. Along with the file processing program, SWITCHWARE® now allows online settlement messages to flow into the system through the ISO 8583 interface. Previously customers had to rely on other vendor programs to accept the complicated Base II file. This is now part of the total SWITCHWARE solution and reflects the growing commitment of meeting our customer’s needs.

Contact CSFi Sales to learn more about licensing and supporting Visa Base II.

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SWITCHWARE App Containers

containerSoftware engineering techniques are always evolving and CSFi remains on the forefront of designing our solutions in ways that can easily be deployed. One popular growing trend is the use of APP Containers. Software has traditionally deployed as a package, where dependencies and required software packages had to be installed in advance on the server’s operating system. With the advent of virtual machines (or servers), engineers soon learned that individual instances of an operating system could be containerized and isolated but locking and sharing of resources between host OS and the virtual OS became somewhat bulky. App Containers takes another step further by creating a virtual instance of only the core OS dependencies needed for the application in question, and only utilizing the essential resources (memory, CPU) from the host server. In essence a virtualized app container that operates independent of the host operating system of the server but interacts safely with other programs on the host OS. When installing CSFi solutions using APP containers, SWITCHWARE® users are freed from the burden of worrying if they have all the necessary dependencies, because everything is packaged up in the APP container.

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SWITCHWARE Dynamic Currency Conversion Services with FEXCO

fexcoCSFi continues to grow and enhance our solution offering through partnerships with reputable and reliable solution vendors. FEXCO is a proven solution provider for dynamic currency conversion (DCC), providing cost competitive options for financial institutions looking to increase revenues through outsourcing their transaction currency exchange. Where the transaction originates, or is acquired, at SWITCHWARE® and currency conversion is needed, CSFi can perform the currency conversion with FEXCO before sending the authorization request to the issuing institution. When the currency conversion is performed upfront, the additional fees that come with sending it international can be avoided or reduced.

If your institution receives a large volume of foreign international cards at your ATMs or POS devices, you can contact the CSFi sales team to learn how your SWITCHWARE system can be setup to perform DCC.

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SWITCHWARE Support for Visa Tokenization Services

visaThe global payments industry is shifting away from card-based transactions to transactions of different digital forms. As a result, Visa is opening its services to provide a safe, simple, and consistent purchasing experience, regardless of the payment channel, to its card-issuing banks and financial institutions. Visa Digital Solutions includes the components for the “Visa Token Services” (VTS), a core set of services derived from the “EMV Payment Tokenization Specfications Framework.” These services enable issuers the ability to link and replace their cardholder’s PAN with a pseudo–Digital Account Number, or Token. This pseudo-token value can be used in place of the PAN to initiate transactions using popular digital wallet solutions (e.g., ApplePay, GooglePay, etc.) installed on a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) by way of Near-Field-Chip (NFC) proximity technology which interacts with payment terminals and ATMs.

CSFi has partnered with Visa to develop and deploy a fully integrated VTS interface, which installs directly on SWITCHWARE®. This allows SWITCHWARE issuers to manage their digital issuance of token payment credentials and conduct the necessary token/PAN translations that are required to complete a financial transaction.

Financial institutions who wish to have tighter control of Mobile Wallet solutions used by their cardholders and manage the issuance of Digital Account Numbers (or Tokens), can contact their CSFi sales representative to learn more.

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CSFi Responds to Apache Log4j v2 Vulnerability

As of December 14, 2021 at 16:30 Eastern U.S (213014DEC2021Z)

WarningOn December 9th, 2021, Apache published a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) related to Apache Log4j referred to as “Log4Shell.” This vulnerability has been classified as “Critical” with a CVSS score of 10 and allows remote code execution with system-level privileges.

Read the full vulnerability notice here.

CSFi has investigated the matter and concluded that the majority of our customers are not using the vulnerable version of Log4j and are not impacted.

How do I know if my SWITCHWARE system is impacted:

  • CSFi customers running G4-Web with Solr 8.x using log4j 2 are impacted and should contact CSFi to take action to disable the logging features related to the vulnerability.
  • CSFi customers running G4-Web with Solr 5.x using log4j 1.2 are not impacted.
  • CSFi customers running all other products (e.g. RTCM, CACM, etc.) are either not using log4j or use older versions that are not impacted.

How do I know which version of Solr I’m using:

CSFi customers operating SWITCHWARE on Red Hat version 8.x (or higher) received the latest Solr 8.x version. If you are running your software on any other operating system, then you are not impacted.

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SWITCHWARE Support for MasterCard DSA Tokenization

tokenLike the Visa Token Services, SWITCHWARE® uses MasterCard Digital Services Access (DSA) as a reliable channel to handle mobile wallet token requests where tokens are linked with a valid MasterCard PAN. MasterCard DSA provides a plethora of services to enables financial institutions and their authorized agents to handle transactions processed outside the MasterCard network. Banks and financial institutions that rely on MasterCard can use DSA to perform a variety of value-add services related to the payment activity such as “Safety Net” handling, decision intelligence, fraud rule handling, tokenization, crypto-validation, card controls and cardholder defined alerts. SWITCHWARE’s proprietary interface with MasterCard deals exclusively with tokenization.

To learn more about setting SWITCHWARE’s support MasterCard DSA Tokenization, please contact the CSFi Sales Team.

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