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CSFi Certifies NCR’s Activate Enterprise 3.2

Maximum Deployment Versatility in One Application

Working in conjunction with NCR, CSFi certified NCR’s latest ATM/ITM Activate Enterprise 3.2 software used for control and management of the ATM/ITM device, including the definition of stateless ATM screens sent from the host system in a standard download. CSFi laboratory ATMs were updated by NCR to complete the certification process. Activate Enterprise is NCR’s solution for consolidating the legacy programs of Aptra EDGE and the ITM USN software into one application which can be installed on both ATMs or ITMs.

All in One…Three Modalities

  • Traditional ATM  
  • Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) with remote video teller assistance
  • In-branch Assistance (Tablet)

Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7 and 10 operating systems, Activate Enterprise is currently available only in the United States, and offers true integration of the self-service channel with current infrastructure to achieve unmatched levels of availability, security and functionality.

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For more information on how SWITCHWARE may benefit your unique operating environment to integrate with NCR’s latest solutions contact your CSFi account representative or Sales department today.

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National Bank of Bahrain Deploys Pilot Tokenization Program

Manama, Bahrain: National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is now live with a tokenization pilot (via the Bahraini-based Benefit switch network) for both debit and credit card applications using their employees. Token life cycle and token transaction authorization is fully functional. NBB will expand their pilot to include cooperating business users before release to their entire customer base. Recently live with SWITCHWARE® for Linux, NBB has been a CSFi customer for over 35 years.

National Bank of Bahrain
National Bank of Bahrain

Tokenization Summary

Tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token. Often, tokenization is used to prevent credit card fraud. In credit card tokenization, the customer’s primary account number (PAN) is replaced with a series of randomly-generated numbers, which is called the “token.” These tokens can then be passed through the internet or the various wireless networks needed to process the payment without actual bank details being exposed. The actual bank account number is held safe in a secure token vault. Payment experts are seeing more and more organizations moving from encryption to tokenization as a more cost-effective (and secure) way to protect and safeguard sensitive information. One of the most widespread uses of tokenization today is in the payments processing industry. Tokenization allows users to store credit card information in mobile wallets, ecommerce solutions and POS software to allow the card to be recharged without exposing the original card information. Tokenization replaces sensitive cardholder detail with a stand-in token. This helps secure the customer’s bank account details in credit card and ecommerce transactions. Unlike data that is encrypted, tokens are not mathematically reversible with a decryption key and PAN data is never displayed.

To learn more about the potential benefits of tokenization for your enterprise, Register Now and Login to view the CSFi Whitepaper. Search the CSFi website for any topic of professional interest.

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G4 1.5 Update is Coming Soon!

The latest installment of G4-Web Version 1.5 is almost here! Our ongoing development of this popular web management tool represents CSFi’s commitment to providing our customers with superior ATM/debit payment processing and switching solutions.

G4 Web Apps Version 1.5

Version 1.5 features and enhancements include:

User “Site Wide” Administrative Enhancements
“Institution Level” User Administration
Transaction Research Enhancements
Full Cardholder Management
Full ATM Management
Management Reports (MIS)

Log in Now at to download full details on all the new features and improvements in G4 Version 1.5

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CSFi High Availability Solutions

CSFi High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions (HADR)

Operating in today’s round the clock global economy, means mission critical applications cannot afford to be off-line for even a small period of time. Natural disasters and increasing requirements for 24/7 operations means the need for high availability solutions is greater than ever before.

CSFi’s high availability support solutions offer a variety of proprietary in-house options for increasing system efficiency and reducing downtime…because, stable system operations and maximized up-time are vital to the success of any large-scale banking operation.

Word Map: High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security, Solutions, Management, Risk, Data, Protection, Critical, Redundancy, Continuity, Dispersed, Virtualization, Planning, Replication.

What is High Availability?

High availability is a term used by the IT industry to describe the accessibility and up-time of critical application environments.

System outages increase the total cost of IT ownership, cause potential damage to client relationships, brand reputation and loss of revenue. Financial institutions cannot afford to allow disruption of any critical delivery channels, including SWITCHWARE® or EZswitch®.

High availability is a key component of effective disaster recovery and system resiliency. While hardware has become highly reliable, unplanned outages do occur and typically result from operator error, environmental conditions and other non-hardware related factors—problems that reliable hardware cannot prevent.

In-house disaster recovery solutions make economic sense, and give you greater control over your systems environment…More than ever, financial institutions are moving towards their in-house disaster recovery operations based on continuous data replication between geographically dispersed locations. Modern disaster recovery solutions require both geographic dispersion and recovery point objectives. Pending compliance mandates will likely require your IT department to prove periodically that you can recover operations at a remote facility.

Recent reductions in cost and improved ease of use have made downtime reducing technologies including modern cloud-based disaster recovery more accessible than ever…Even small and mid-sized companies can now afford the “luxury” of real-time, offsite data protection, as well as rapid and complete data recovery.

CSFi HADR solutions…meeting the challenge:
● Out-of-the-box support for all major applications, databases and replication technologies across heterogeneous physical and virtual platforms
● Ensures consistent business continuity process across data and applications
● Protects against application, network, or storage failures
● Handles increased management complexity from multiple vendor-specific tools that work in a virtual or physical environment
● Automates and accelerates recovery from unforeseen errors
● Enables non-disruptive high availability testing and more…
● Integrated extension of your host operating system technology
● Ease of management
● Ease of deployment

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning

CSFi can help evaluate your unique business continuity risks and challenges. We will explain the fundamental concepts of high availability, present key considerations, and make suggestions critical to choosing the right high availability and disaster recovery strategy for your business environment.

Consult with a CSFi representative

Click here or Contact Us for more information about creating cost effective, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for your unique operating environment.

Register now at to explore CSFi’s entire suite of end-to-end solution possibilities and how they can best meet your enterprise needs.

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Illinois Banks Deploy EZswitch G4 4.0

Newman, IL: Longview Capital Corporation is a closely held multibank holding company dedicated to serving rural areas of central Illinois and West Central Indiana.  For over a decade, Longview Capital has relied upon CSFi to provide the most advanced technology available to support the connection between their Precision core banking systems and EFT networks.

The virtual implementation of their EMV compliant upgrade from EZswitch® Plus to EZswitch® G4  benefits both the cardholder experience and the bottom line by taking advantage of the latest EZswitch 4.0 enhancements.

EZswitch G4 base system functionalities include online ATM/debit issuer authorizations, real-time online card maintenance (OLCM) updates, single point of card maintenance entry as well as an expanding menu of additional features and options reducing fraud losses and streamlining management of debit card operations:

  • G4 Web-based Apps real-time transaction and cardholder research and reporting, full system monitoring and job/task schedule managing
  • FraudBlock integrated, rules-based, real-time fraud detection and prevention system
  • Sentinel II Alert Notification System providing unattended monitoring of ATM’s, core system interface EFT connections and more
  • Support for Cardholder Alerts via email and SMS-text
  • On-demand ATM/EFT Network Denial Rules
  • ATM Inactivity Alerts
  • Stand-in authorization using a positive balance file (PBF) and/or card limits
  • Secure, single point of card maintenance entry
  • System health check monitoring including all connections and database status
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • Advanced “drill down” capability for transaction and cardholder research and reporting
  • Automated job/task schedule management
  • Audits and logs of all user activity and much more….

G4 Web-based Apps

The G4 web-based apps intuitive navigational tools enable every user to easily employ the new system’s full capabilities; including at-a-glance real time system wide monitoring and advanced card maintenance and transaction research and reporting.

Register now at to enable access to our web resources. Gain access to brochures, videos and additional information describing the features and benefits of EZswitch®, G4, EMV support, FraudBlock™, Virtualization and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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Counterfeit Control Mandate

The ECB Lays Down the Law

To protect the integrity of EURO banknotes, the European Central Bank (ECB) has issued mandates describing currency management protocols.

The word FAKE in red with a rubber stamp appearance

The ECB measures are deemed necessary to protect Euro banknotes against counterfeiting and require ATM operators within the Euro area to withdraw from circulation all Euro banknotes known or suspected to be counterfeit.

ECB Article 6 Terms of Reference provides details of different note categories, how each is defined and handled, and actions to be taken regarding the traceability of banknotes classified as, or suspected to be, counterfeit.

CSFi and SWITCHWARE® already support ECB certified NCR cash deposit solutions compliant with Article 6 of the European Central Bank (ECB) Council Regulations. Support for Diebold Nixdorf solutions, once certified, is imminent.

SWITCHWARE support for both NCR and Diebold Nixdorf solutions includes customizable ATM Electronic Journal and customer receipt mnemonics accounting for all notes seized at the ATM.

Contact Us for more information on how SWITCHWARE® solutions can deliver personalized service to your ATMs.

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G4 1.4 Update

Keep your G4 payment processing platform optimized with latest updates from CSFi. With Version 1.4 just released and V 1.5 just around the corner it pays to stay abreast of the latest developments.

G4 Web Apps Version 1.4, Unleash the Power. For Switchware and EZ Switch

Version 1.4 enhancements and improvements include:

Additional and enhanced Network Status Icons
Enhanced ATM load, Unload and Reload Commands
Creation of a General Ledger Tab for ATM records
Added “General Notes” section to ATM records
And much more…

Log in Now at to download full details on all of the improvements in G4 Version 1.4

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