ATM/Debit Payment Authorization and Transaction Switching System

Solution Overview

Designed to simplify the monitoring and management of both today’s and tomorrow’s emerging payments technologies, SWITCHWARE® is the revolutionary fourth generation of CSF International’s ATM Driving and Debit Payment Authorization and Transaction Switching System Management software.

Incorporating the transaction processing power, scalability and functionalities of SWITCHWARE® with G4 Web-based Apps, SWITCHWARE is CSFi’s most advanced electronic payments and transaction switching software solution.

In an environment where the ability to accommodate the latest innovations in profit maximizing technology is more important than ever, the flexibility and scalability of SWITCHWARE is unsurpassed. Able to interface with virtually any EFT connection or “open standards” third party application, the solution allows for easy integration with “best of breed” legacy or future additions to an electronic payments operating environment.

The solution introduces a host of new features proven to streamline operations and minimize costs while maximizing data and transaction security. Recognized as the most cost effective, scalable and feature rich solution available, leading financial institutions around the world now rely upon SWITCHWARE to meet their ATM and payment card delivery channel requirements.

Compliant with PCI DSS and PA-DSS 3.2 validated, SWITCHWARE provides ATM driving and managing, POS acquiring and merchant managing functionality while simultaneously streamlining every aspect of payments network management.

While the primary purpose of the system is to perform payment authorization and routing decisions, SWITCHWARE provides a complete “single system” management solution.

New Features for SWITCHWARE® Release 4

Release 4 represents a major milestone for SWITCHWARE as it incorporates greater cardholder security measures in complying with the latest PCI-DSS and PA-DSS standards version 3.2 plus added functions including card alerts, enhanced limits, linked-account limits, and much more.

Learn More about SWITCHWARE 4.0

SWITCHWARE® 4 Includes:

  • PA-DSS (3.2) Compliance
  • Cardholder Alerts (Email and SMS Text)
  • Additional Cardholder Limits
  • Linked-Account Limits
  • Activate/Deactivate Entire BIN
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Enhanced Automated Stand-in Processing
  • Triton ATM EJ & EMV Support
  • Contactless EMV Support
  • Mobile Wallet Enrollment Support
  • TMD Anti-Skimming Support
  • Currency & Denomination Selection at the ATM
  • New API for Temporary Enabling/Disabling Cards
  • Low-Note Threshold Options by Cassette
  • Foreign Cardholder Limit Features
  • Certification for Diebold Vista Stateless ATM Program
  • New GL account entry definitions for Deposits accepted by each ATM

Highlighted SWITCHWARE functionalities, features, and options:

  • System access from any compatible web-browser Read more…
  • Installs on a physical server or a virtual machine (VMware) Read more…
  • Comprehensive ATM driving, POS transaction acquiring and on-line ATM debit issuer authorizing Read more…
      • Support for Multiple institutions
      • Support for multiple network, core banking systems or other third party application connections Read more…
    • Real-time monitoring of every significant ATM processing metric
  • Comprehensive graphical ATM/ITM network and device monitoring and management including:
      • Real-time ATM inactivity and other alerts
      • Full auditing and logging capability for reporting on every action carried out in the system
    • Real-time icon based display of detailed ATM device status including configuration and transaction history
  • Single system for comprehensive card issuance and management Read more…
      • Supports for multiple BINs and institutions
      • Supports multiple accounts to a single card or multiple cards to a single account
      • “Drill-down” capability speeding cardholder and transaction research, settlement and dispute resolution
    • Support for instant card issuance
  • Support for Cardless withdrawals and deposits Read more…
  • Integrated FraudBlock™ fraud detection and prevention system Read more…
      • Rules base fraud and detection system for issuer based transactions
    • Base system inclusion of FraudBlock Network Denial Rules Read more…
  • Sentinel™ Alert Notification System Read more…
    • Unattended monitoring of ATMs, core system interfaces, EFT and other network connections using SMS-text and email notifications
  • Cardholder Alerts by email or SMS text message1Read more…
  • High availability and Disaster Recovery support
  • Single sign-on for multiple users with customizable roles and permissions using Microsoft Active Directory Read more…
  • Easy setup and monitoring of connections for multiple EFT networks, ATM devices, host authorizing/core banking systems and third party applications
  • Easy system administration including role assignment and permissions editing
  • Real-time ”at-a-glance” full system monitoring of all network connections and detailed ATM device status
  • Full auditing and logging capability for reporting on every action carried out in the system
  • Automated routine job/task scheduling simplifying management of routine operations
  • Hover-Over capability providing instant explanations of codes or other obscure identifiers
  • Customizable rules based screen and text alerts allowing for immediate response and rapid resolution of system, transaction or cardholder related issues
  • Real-time cardholder maintenance support
  • Full cardholder and transaction research and reporting with drill-down and “hover-over” capability
      • Ability to search for transactions by range or multiple values
    • Ability to search by full or partial names, account numbers or card number

G4 Web-based apps

Highly intuitive navigational tools provide easy access to an expanding suite of G4 applications including an “at-a-glance” system-wide status monitor providing a real-time, command level view into the performance and availability of every ATM, system, transaction processing, cardholder maintenance, and fraud management functionality.

Supporting the latest single sign-on browser-based technology, the G4 web client eliminates the need for version control of client software installed on each PC and provides an entirely fresh look-and-feel for users performing system monitoring, management and transaction and cardholder research tasks.

The G4 System Status Monitor

Core to G4’s powerful suite of web-based applications is the system-wide status monitor page. The system-wide status monitor page provides graphical real-time visibility into the entire operating environment and serves as a gateway to the advanced features and functionalities of SWITCHWARE®.

Providing for the efficient monitoring and management of the entire switching network including real-time details of ATM device functionality, the hover-over and drill down facilities of the G4 interface make it easy for any user to access and utilize the solutions full capabilities. The monitor’s vibrant icon based display and color coded alerts allow for immediate determination of the status of ATM networks and individual ATM terminals, network connections, processes, and database storage status, and provides single click access to the systems powerful card, system maintenance, and research and reporting tools.

Additional SWITCHWARE  Features and Functionalities:

  • ATM personalization support
  • Manage cardholder limits
  • Limit or deny foreign cardholders
  • Limit overseas cardholder use
  • Multi-institution support
  • Database encryption4
  • Multi Language support
  • On-demand Network Denial Rules New!
  • Coupon & stamp dispensing
  • Mobile top-up
  • Bill payment
  • Multiple EFT connections
  • Multiple host connections
  • Visa and MasterCard Worldwide
  • Connection to third party apps
  • Unix/Linux-based server
  • High availability support
  • Card embossing file support
  • Online card maintenance (OLCM) support
  • Full client auditing

ATM Driving Module

SWITCHWARE® is a multi-threaded high performance system designed to drive connected ATM and acquire POS device transactions. Current implementations of SWITCHWARE drive as few as ten ATMs to others driving a thousand or more, each implementing a single instance of SWITCHWARE. The system supports driving a wide variety of ATM brands using native ATM protocols plus variant emulation including:

  • NCR Aptra Interactive Teller Read more… New!
  • NCR Aptra Advance NDC
  • NCR Aptra Multi-Vendor
  • NCR Aptra Edge
  • Triton Proprietary Format
  • Visa II
  • Bull
  • BanqIT
  • Fujtisu/ICL
  • GRG
  • Diebold Agilis 91x
  • Diebold 910/911
  • Wincor Nixdorf
  • Olivetti
  • Phillips
  • Siemens
  • Hyosung
  • Tranax

ATM device management functions include:

  • Graphical icon based monitoring of the entire ATM network with every node represented by an icon, and every icon providing instant insight into device status
  • Multiple ATM types can be driven in their native modes
  • Selective or group downloads can be sent to the ATM network
  • Easy definition of each ATM as an ATM record with descriptive data such as owning institution number, terminal processing group, message delivery format, location address and more…
  • Easy set up and definition of ATM records, terminal program files and transaction response definitions
  • Easy establishment of ATM fees and limits for the entire network or specific ATMs
  • Ability to define ATM by terminal processing groups with specified time-out limits and handshake intervals
  • Support for multiple language, currencies and coin dispensing
  • NCR Electronic Journal (EJ) and Diebold Electronic Data Capture (EDC) upload
  • Surcharging (by ATM or transaction type)
  • ATM supervisory functions including supply replenishment, new business cycle, updating host totals, printing cash position and terminal totals
  • Provision for “canned” and ad-hoc transaction queries against the ATM log record to selectively search financial records for specific types of entries
  • Support for all advanced ATM transactions, including cardless withdrawal, balance inquiry, deposit (envelope and no-envelope), transfer, mini-statement, bill payment, PIN change, mobile top-up, and more…
  • Easy customization of reports supporting unique operational requirements and needs for specific transactional data

System Integration & Setup Services

CSFi provides project coordination, system setup, training, and remote live conversion assistance. In addition to the system parametrization and setup, CSFi also assists customers with certifying the ATM/EFT network, including transaction processing and sending the card maintenance batch file.

Enhanced Support

The base CSFi support plan provides technical support services using the Comprehensive Action and Resolution Environment CARE plan that includes access to CSFi’s technical support during normal business hours. In addition to the CARE™ plan, customers may subscribe to an After Hours Support plan (Bronze, Silver or Gold). Read more…

TotalCARE is the CSFi solution offering enhanced customer-specific system diagnosis, performance analysis testing and enhanced software migration services. Read more…

Special Notes

  1. View the full list of supported network/switch interfaces.
  2. Requires a raw data file from your ATM/EFT network.
  3. Alert notifications require Sentinel™.
  4. Some solutions require an upgraded version of the database software.

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