West Texas National Bank Upgrading to EZswitch® G4 with FraudBlock™ and RTCM

WTNB_bankMidland, TX: Continuing their tradition of employing the most advanced technology available to provide the best customer experience possible, West Texas National Bank (WTNB) is upgrading from EZswitch® Plus to EZswitch® G4 with FraudBlock™.

With 12 convenient West Texas locations, and nearly $1 billion in assets, WTNB and their cardholders will realize immediate benefits from the new system environment. The new G4 front end and integrated FraudBlock real-time fraud detection and prevention system will streamline operations, providing a single-point of entry for real-time card maintenance and the ability to stop card fraud before it happens.

Additionally, the VMware ESXi installation of EZswitch G4 will utilize the system’s support for the First Data Star Real-Time Card Maintenance (RTCM) interface. RTCM enables instant access to debit card activity and leveraging of current trends in card usage essential to maintaining peak operational efficiency and realizing the full potential of their debit card programs. The new system will improve the Bank’s cardholder experience with real-time balance updates, real-time fraud protection, stand-in processing and support for many additional options and features.


FraudBlock™ is CSFI’s dynamic, real-time fraud detection and prevention solution designed to integrate seamlessly with EZswitch® G4 to reduce fraud losses and boost cardholder confidence. The rules-based platform is flexible, highly parameterized, and allows construction of unlimited combinations of alert triggers and transaction validation rules through an intuitive interface.

FraudBlock™ features include:

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Blocking fraud at the cardholder level
  • Unlimited on-demand network denial rules
  • Risky merchant, country and “other “category designations
  • Override feature for individual cardholders
  • Easy viewing and reporting on transaction data, rules validation results and statistics and more

FraudBlock’s advanced functionalities enable the easy analysis of historical and real-time data necessary to identify suspicious activity, and invoke pro-active rule modifications critical to addressing emerging threats.

Click here for a detailed description of the full features and benefits of EZswitch®, G4, FraudBlock and Virtualization

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