Warba Bank to Implement Standalone Version of FraudBlock™

Warba_LogoSafat, Kuwait: Warba Bank is implementing CSFi’s standalone FraudBlock™ real-time fraud solution to meet the bank’s fraud detection and prevention needs.

The standalone version of FraudBlock will interface to the bank’s KNET EFT switch network, to their FLEXCUBE core banking platform used for transaction authorization, and to Network International (NI), a UAE company providing card issuing services for the bank’s credit cards. An Online Card Maintenance (OLCM) interface between FraudBlock and NI’s issuing system will support real-time automated updates to disable cards when it detects fraud.

Warba selected CSFi’s advanced fraud protection solution for its ability to provide detailed inspection of transaction data content using customizable rules-based processing and on-demand blocking of transactions. FraudBlock’s advanced features offer easy analysis of historical and real-time data necessary to identify suspicious activity and deploy proactive fraud rules to address immediate threats.

FraudBlock reduces fraud losses and boost cardholder confidence by providing online authorization decisions that identify and prevent fraudulent activity before it happens.


FraudBlock™ is CSFI’s dynamic, real-time fraud prevention solution designed to integrate seamlessly with CSFI’s SWITCHWARE®, EZswitch® and other electronic transaction management systems to reduce fraud losses and boost cardholder confidence. The rules-based platform is flexible, highly parameterized, and allows construction of unlimited combinations of alert triggers and transaction validation rules through an intuitive interface.

FraudBlock™ features include:

  • Real-time transaction processing and authorization
  • Blocking at the cardholder level
  • Unlimited on demand network denial rules
  • Override features for individual cardholders
  • Risky merchant, country and “other” category designations
  • Detection of fraud based on card-not-present transactions
  • Fraud event alerting via email and SMS-text
  • Management of post-action outcomes when a rule violation occurs
  • Full client auditing and real-time transaction monitoring and research
  • Auto-maintenance of suspected fraud activity history log
  • Ability to develop and disseminate ad-hoc and canned fraud activity reports
  • Easy viewing and reporting on transaction data, rules validation results, statistics and more

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