ValueBank Texas Implements MEMA Feature

vbtx_iconCorpus Christi, TX: With 11 branches and over $183 million in deposits, ValueBank Texas strives to be South Texas’ first choice in community banking. In keeping with a 40 year commitment to providing the best customer experience possible, the bank has elected to implement SWITCHWARE® MEMA void code alert functionality to enhance its debit cardholder experience. SWITCHWARE’S MEMA technology allows the customizable configuration of void code tracking parameters. The implementation of MEMA functionality enables the real-time tracking and analysis of ATM issued decline code occurrences, before receiving calls from customers. When specified decline code occurrences exceed bank designated thresholds, an alert message is sent to pre-designated recipients using CSFi’s Sentinel™ Alert Notification System. MEMA functionality is included in all versions of SWITCHWARE, and there are no additional scripts or procedures required for installation.

Functions & Benefits:

  • Proactive system monitoring and void code pattern detection
  • Problems reflected by recurring void codes are detected and identified
  • Operations staff can be notified of an impending problem before customers are affected
  • Immediate proactive measures can insulate customers from a potentially widespread problem within the payment authorization system
  • Alert notification of recurring void code patterns when using Sentinel™
  • Real-time pattern detecting
  • User-defined customizable alert thresholds

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