United Cumberland Bank Live with EZswitch® G4

ucb_iconWhitley City, KY: Taking advantage of the latest features and enhancements of CSFi’s EZswitch software, United Cumberland Bank (UCB) is upgrading from CSFi’s EZswitch® 2010 to EZswitch® G4 with Real-time Card Management (RTCM).

As the largest shareholders of United Cumberland Bank, the bank’s staff has a real stake in their customers’ satisfaction and financial success as well as the streamlining of bank operations.

The new system, with integrated EMV support capability, will provide immediate and recognizable benefits to both the bank and its customers. Along with enhanced fraud protection and stand-in processing, the upgrade offers support for many additional options and features including FraudBlock™ integrated, rules-based, real-time fraud detection and prevention system.

The installation of EZswitch G4 as the interface to their Fiserv Precision core banking system and First Data (Star) EFT network will include system support for the Star Real-time Card Management (RTCM) interface as well as utilizing CSFi’s Sentinel™ Alert Notification System to provide unattended monitoring of ATMs, core system interface, EFT and other network connections.

With the implementation of CSFi’s proprietary RTCM support, any changes to a card record performed from the bank’s core system will instantly flow to EZswitch G4 and on to the Star EFT network. In the past, the bank has relied upon sending batch files at the end of the day to update the card record kept on the EFT network.

The real-time tools incorporated into EZswitch G4 enable the instant identification and leveraging of current trends in card usage and system status that are key to maintaining peak operational efficiency and realization of the full revenue potential of debit card programs. Additionally, installation of the upgrade on a VMware ESXi platform will result in increased reliability and disaster recovery capability while reducing necessary hardware investment.

A well as driving increased card based revenues, the advanced features of EZswitch G4 with RTCM that benefit both the bank and its cardholders include:

Instant access to debit card activity and information:

  • Current activity and balances
  • Account transfers
  • Interchange fee generation
  • Debit card activation
  • Effectiveness of rewards and loyalty programs
  • Changes in personal cardholder preferences
  • Faster resolution of transaction disputes
  • Suspicious or fraudulent activity

G4 Web-based Apps:

G4’s at-a-glance view of the switch network and enhanced intuitive navigation tools allow any user easy access to the application’s full capabilities including:

  • Real-time transaction and cardholder research and reporting with “drill down” capability
  • Real-time full system monitoring of all connections and database status
  • Simplified automation of routine job/task scheduling and management
  • Secure, single point of sign-on for multiple users with customization of roles and permissions
  • Audits and logs of user activity and more

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