Upgrade and Migration Services

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worry-freeUpgradesTotalCARE™ is a revolutionary new program that consists of using CSFi professional services to perform enhanced, customer-specific testing and software migration services. These services go beyond the normal scope of the standard quality assurance testing and software release methods provided under the CARE™ plan. As compared to our generic test procedures, TotalCARE utilizes clone and target systems that mirror your existing and future production systems. Once established, the clone and target systems are subjected to rigorous testing using CSFi-developed utilities that ensure that the new software release will perform flawlessly in your unique operational environment.


Clone System

A clone system is built at your site using versions of the operating system, database and CSFi software that mirrors your existing production system.

Target System

A target system is built at your site using versions of the operating system, database and CSFi software that mirrors your new production system.

Available Services:

  • Benchmarking & Discoverydetermines the baseline performance and operating requirements based on an analysis of the current production environment. It not only provides a benchmark for your existing production system’s performance but also serves as a baseline comparison to your new production system’s performance.

  • Compatibilityused for system upgrades and software migrations. Captured data from your existing production system (Clone) is replayed using your new production system (Target) including any unique processing rules. The transaction logs of the two systems are compared using a special CSFi utility program – any discrepancies found are identified and corrected before your user acceptance testing (UAT) activities and your live conversion. This not only abbreviates your UAT but also reduces post conversion support activities.

  • Stressa DART™ utility is utilized to replay high transaction volumes on the Target system to determine your peak Transaction Per Second (TPS) threshold. The results of this testing provide clear capacity planning information for your future growth objectives.

  • Enduranceensures the new production environment will process your transactions correctly over an extended period of time. This phase is meant to identify conditions that only surface after extended periods of processing and are not evident during peak performance stress testing.


  • Analysis of your current production system’s performance
  • Identification of ways to enhance performance and plan for future growth
  • Seamless introduction of new software releases into your unique operational environment
  • Greater confidence that the new release will conform to your existing business requirements
  • Reduced staff time needed for user acceptance testing (UAT) activities
  • Faster speed to market of new software releases
  • Reduced technical support services required before, during and after the migration
  • The advantages of in-house processing with a shift of in-house responsibilities away from your staff
  • Your production systems remain undisturbed during the software migration process

The Test Environment

Our DART™ utility reads your data capture files and sends the transactions to the clone server. The utility will also read the same data capture files sent to the clone system and send them to the target system. A comparison utility will then be used to compare the databases, the online interface trace logs and all batch program reports on the clone and target systems. Any discrepancies will be identified and resolved prior to implementation into your production environment.


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