To Block or Not to Block

To Block or Not to Block

How Do You Draw the Line? 

Card-not-present and other potentially fraudulent card based transactions present challenges to every financial institution. To “block or not to block” is the question. FraudBlock™ II provides the answers.

See the Future

In order to avoid cardholder alienation and lost card revenue, the latest version of CSFi’s FraudBlock™ includes a transaction modeling feature enabling institutions to analyze and gauge authorization outcomes based on facts. It is what it sounds like…seeing the future.

Look Before You Leap

As the card liability landscape evolves so must fraud rules and policies. At what cost? FraudBlockanswers this question by running past transaction records against any proposed fraud rule restrictions.

FraudBlock™ Simulator Helps to Alleviate Uncertainty 

The dynamic, flexible and rules-based nature of FraudBlock accommodates current and future business requirements, the FraudBlock™ simulator allows for testing rules prior to implementation.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Contact CSFi to learn more about FraudBlock™ II and taking card fraud head on. Implement fraud policy at will.

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