New Support for Diebold/Nixdorf ATMs with NCR NDC Emulation Software

CSF International LogoPROBLEM: The ATM is Constantly Evolving

While capable of providing  a cost effective 24/7 extension of most frequently used banking services, many operators of “mixed fleet” ATMs are held back from recognizing the full benefits of their investment by legacy ATM and switch driving technology. The costs of maintenance, monitoring, and introduction of compliance or customer demanded upgrades across a multi-vendor network seem prohibitive.

Every Financial Service Provider is Under Pressure to Perform
The stakes have never been higher…technological and compliance challenges are complex. Wringing the most from every asset is paramount. NCR NDC Emulation software provides an opportunity for mixed fleet operators to avoid “vendor lock in,” and optimize ATM profitability by streamlining ATM upgrading and maintenance.


CSFi and SWITCHWARE® G4 have engaged with financial institutions around the globe to implement cost effective solutions for mixed ATM fleet management. The ability to cost effectively deploy and manage advanced ATM functionalities across mixed fleets is a game changing reality.

Contact CSFi for the facts about optimizing your mixed fleet ATM investment and an analysis of how CSFi and SWITCHWARE® G4 can optimize management of your ATM operating environment.

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