SWITCHWARE® G4 Completes Validation for PA-DSS 2.0

PCI_LogoAfter rigorous evaluation, SWITCHWARE® G4 has been validated for PA-DSS v2.0 compliance. PA-DSS is the global security standards for developing software and applications used to process payment card transactions. The standard aims to prevent developed payment applications by third party firms from storing prohibited secure data, including magnetic stripe, CVV2 and/or PIN. The PA-DSS standard dictates that the software vendor develop their payment application to comply with the overarching PCI-DSS standard. PCI-DSS is a standard that applies to financial institutions, such as banks, merchant ISOs and card processors, that acquire payment card transactions.

This accomplishment represents a major milestone in the development of our flagship product, SWITCHWARE®. It reaffirms our commitment to providing reliable, stable and secure payment card processing solutions for our customers around the world.

To learn more about our solutions for PCI data security, click here.

Full List of PA-DSS Validated Applications

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