SWITCHWARE App Containers

containerSoftware engineering techniques are always evolving and CSFi remains on the forefront of designing our solutions in ways that can easily be deployed. One popular growing trend is the use of APP Containers. Software has traditionally deployed as a package, where dependencies and required software packages had to be installed in advance on the server’s operating system. With the advent of virtual machines (or servers), engineers soon learned that individual instances of an operating system could be containerized and isolated but locking and sharing of resources between host OS and the virtual OS became somewhat bulky. App Containers takes another step further by creating a virtual instance of only the core OS dependencies needed for the application in question, and only utilizing the essential resources (memory, CPU) from the host server. In essence a virtualized app container that operates independent of the host operating system of the server but interacts safely with other programs on the host OS. When installing CSFi solutions using APP containers, SWITCHWARE® users are freed from the burden of worrying if they have all the necessary dependencies, because everything is packaged up in the APP container.

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