Sarvatra Technologies Continues to Exceed Growth Targets

sarvatra_logoMaharashtra, India: Sarvatra Technologies, a service center in India using SWITCHWARE® to support ATM and POS driving and their NFS switch network acquirer/issuer gateway, has continued to exceed internal growth targets by surpassing 250 live financial institutions for the first time.

Sarvatra relies upon the proven stability of SWITCHWARE and CSFi support to manage the millions of cards, accounts, and transactions per month originating from Sarvatra supported ATM and POS terminals in the region.

As an NPCI-recognized ASP, Sarvatra provides switch-to-switch connectivity to rural/semi-urban banks for nationwide connectivity through a switch-to-switch tie-up with India’s National Financial Switch (NFS) EFT network. The customers of their client banks can now access over 225,000 ATMs connected through the NFS switch and their member banks using the Sarvatra-RuPay cards.

SWITCHWARE’s integrated and infinitely scalable multi institution support includes issuer authorizations to Oracle FLEXCUBE/SARV host systems, CSFi’s real-time Sentinel™ Alert Notification System, and world class disaster recovery and high availability solutions that will continue to fuel Sarvatra’s continued expansion and future success.

CSFi’s alliances with industry leaders such as Diebold, NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, Nautilus Hyosung and Triton Systems, coupled with world class fraud detection and prevention solutions, help their customers to maintain their competitive edge and support the latest ATM and self-service technologies. Additionally, close relationships with leading core software suppliers enable CSFi to constantly develop new core system interface technology and interfaces to almost all EFT network interfaces (including MasterCard and Visa global networks) enabling CSFi solutions to process and route financial transactions anywhere in the world.

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