Republic Bank Limited Selects Cardless P2P ATM Withdrawal Feature

rbl_iconPort of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Republic Bank Limited (RBL) is set to install CSFi’s cardless P2P withdrawal functionality for all of the bank’s SWITCHWARE-driven ATMs. The deployment of cardless P2P transactional capability will coincide with the banks scheduled upgrade to SWITCHWARE® 3.12.

With the use of the SWITCHWARE cardless P2P solution, RBL’s account/cardholders will have easy access to transfer funds to virtually anyone, regardless of whether the recipient has a bank account.

Convenient and secure, cardless P2P ATM withdrawals increases transaction volumes and revenues. As a value-add tool it promotes client loyalty by eliminating the threat of customers seeking outside P2P providers. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to offer banking services to the currently un-banked and cultivates increased use of ATM’s in developing countries.

Implementation of SWITCHWARE cardless P2P ATM withdrawal support is a software-only upgrade, and does not require the purchase of new hardware. All transaction information is fully encrypted to ensure complete security and compliance.

The bank’s upgrade to SWITCHWARE 3.12 and implementation of cardless ATM P2P withdrawal capability will be facilitated by CSFi’s TotalCARE™ enhanced quality assurance testing and migration services. Utilizing TotalCARE, production services will remain undisturbed during the migration process and the flawless performance of the upgrades is assured.

With the migration to the latest version of SWITCHWARE 3.12, Republic Bank will be relying upon the most advanced and secure ATM Driving and Card Management technology available. The upgrades will provide immediate and recognizable benefits to both the bank and its cardholders, including increased operational efficiency and an improved cardholder experience.

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