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Unlocking Efficiencies with Your Remote Key Enabled ATMs

ATMs rely on network protection and encryption keys to keep customer data and ATM funds safe. To reduce the risks of key compromise, individual countries, major networks and card associations enforce strict guidelines for key management including assignment of unique and random master keys for each ATM. These encryption keys must be changed on a regular basis in order to meet compliance mandates and maintain security.

Solution Summary

Reducing the Cost of Global Compliance. While these fraud mitigation measures have proven invaluable, past compliance with evolving key management protocols has proven difficult and expensive to implement, involving a physical visit by a minimum of two key custodians to generate and deploy new ATM keys. Now, with SWITCHWARE® Remote Key Loading, the costs of key generation, storage and distribution processes are dramatically reduced. Key custodians no longer need to travel long distances to provide keys, and costs associated with site visits are reduced. New keys are remotely injected into ATMs without the need for a physical visit.

Save Time, Ensure Compliance, Better Allocate Resources. SWITCHWARE’s Integrated Remote Key Loading (RKL) functions with RSA authentication include support for both Diebold’s Certificate Based Protocol and NCR’s Signature Based Protocol. This solution utilizes existing interfaces to the ATM and Hardware Security Module (HSM) to perform authentication between the ATM and SWITCHWARE with no additional hardware components required. Keys can be periodically and randomly regenerated via commands with the HSM, encrypted with the RSA key and then downloaded to the ATM. Staff can now be used for more productive tasks and your financial institution will benefit from increased transaction security.

Remote Key Loading Benefits

  • Centralized initial key management
  • Dynamic key changing
  • Eliminates need to be present at ATM to change keys
  • Better utilization of staff resources
  • No additional hardware required
  • Utilizes existing interface to HSM

Remote Key Loading Functions

  • Remote ATM key management
  • RSA authentication
  • Thales HSM support
  • NCR signature based protocol support
  • Diebold certificate based protocol support

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