Predictive Alerting Feature

MEMA Void pattern Detection Tool

Designed to streamline the management and monitoring of card initiated transactions, MEMA (Modified Exponential Moving Average) is CSFi’s proprietary tool allowing users to set and track threshold values on void code occurrences.

Preinstalled in every version of SWITCHWARE®  powerful MEMA functionalities enhance the cardholder experience by ensuring financial institutions are aware of potential problems before they receive a customer call. Alerts can be sent to designated staff or third party agents at specific times depending on the type and severity of issue detected. Alerts will be escalated until the condition is resolved.

How does it work?

MEMA allows customized configuration of void code tracking and alert parameters. Implementation of MEMA functionality enables real-time tracking, analysis and proactive resolution of individual or grouped decline code occurrences. When specified code occurrences exceed thresholds, alert messages can be sent to designated recipients through the Sentinel™ Alert Notification System.

Users can combine void codes, frequency and authorizer information to pinpoint and rectify problems impacting the revenue stream and customer experience important to every financial institution.

How to Implement MEMA in SWITCHWARE®

As MEMA is preinstalled with SWITCHWARE, there are no additional scripts or procedures required. MEMA rules and alert parameters are configured using SWITCHWARE’s system manager client application.

Functions & Benefits:

  • Proactive system monitoring and void code pattern detection
  • User-defined customizable alert thresholds
  • Real-time pattern detection
  • Staff can be notified of impending problems before customers are affected
  • Proactive measures can be taken to insulate customers from potentially widespread problems
  • Alert notification of recurring void code patterns when using Sentinel™

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