Point Bank Upgrading to SWITCHWARE G4

pntbk_bankPilot Point, TX: Point Bank is upgrading to a virtual implementation of SWITCHWARE® G4. The new system, deployed on a VMware ESXi platform, will include certification and implementation of First Data STAR Real-Time Card Maintenance (RTCM) functionality.

An independent locally owned bank serving the community since 1884, Point Bank currently has nine branch locations and plans for future expansion.  The bank’s decision to upgrade to SWITCHWARE G4 was made after identifying it as the most cost effective and reliable solution for its planned migration to a real-time, fully EMV compliant payment processing platform. SWITCHWARE G4 will provide Point Bank with the flexibility and scalability necessary to support any and all of the bank’s future payments processing initiatives.

First Data Star RTCM will enable the instant identification and leveraging of current trends in card usage and system status important to realizing the full revenue potential of their debit card programs including real-time access and reporting on all critical debit card activity:

  • Current activity and balances
  • Account transfers
  • Interchange fee generation
  • Debit card activations
  • Effectiveness of rewards and loyalty programs
  • Changes in personal cardholder preferences
  • Faster resolution of transactional disputes
  • Suspicious or fraudulent activity and more

The advanced features of SWITCHWARE G4 will ensure that both the bank and its cardholders are relying upon the most advanced, secure and feature rich debit card management technology available.

The G4 upgrade will continue existing support for already enabled advanced functionalities including FraudBlock™, Sentinel™, and Datacard® “CardWizard® for instant card issuance.

Providing an at-a-glance view of the entire debit payment network, the G4 front end interface’s exponential improvement in system navigation, transaction processing management, and general system control ensures that every authorized user can easily utilize the system’s full capabilities. G4 base system functionalities include online ATM/debit issuer authorizations, real-time online card maintenance (OLCM) updates as well as an expanding menu of additional new features and options reducing fraud losses and streamlining management of debit card operations:

  • FraudBlock™ integrated, rules-based, real-time fraud detection and prevention system
  • Sentinel™ Alert Notification System providing unattended monitoring of ATM’s, core system interface EFT connections and more
  • Advanced “drill down” transaction and cardholder research and reporting
  • Secure, single point of card maintenance entry
  • Automated job/task schedule management
  • ATM inactivity status updates
  • System health check monitoring including all connections and database status
  • Stand-in authorization using a positive balance file (in addition to using card limits), when the host authorizing system is unavailable
  • On-demand network denial rules
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • Audits and logs of all user activity and more…

To learn more about SWITCHWARE G4’s multi-vendor support of functionalities increasing operational productivity and profitability, register now at www.csfi.com. Read more about SWITCHWARE®, FraudBlock™, Deposit Automation and Cash Recycling, RSA Remote Key loading, Instant Card Issuance, Cardless Withdrawals, Cardholder Alerts, and our entire suite of products, services and solutions.

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