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CSFi Newsletter, Issue 21

February 13, 2020 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 21

2020 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 21

Featured Story: CSFi Celebrates 40th Anniversary.

Highlights: MEMA: Predictive Alerting, SSL/TLS Encryption, Contactless Card Limits, Counterfeit Euro Control Mandate, G4 1.4 Update

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Boubyan Bank is Live with G4 Web Applications

November 4, 2019 Boubyan Bank is Live with G4 Web Applications

In order to streamline operations and simplify monitoring and management of today’s and tomorrow’s payments technologies, Boubyan Bank is live with G4 Web-based applications as the new front end interface for their existing SWITCHWARE® payment authorization and transaction switching system.

Since its inception in 2004, Boubyan Bank has been recognized
for its customer service excellence, rapid growth and cutting-edge digital
banking facilities. Since 2011 the bank has relied … Read More ►

Know Your Options: Customized Note Dispensing at the ATM

October 31, 2019 Know Your Options: Customized Note Dispensing at the ATM
Bank Customer expectations have never been higher. Around the world, more cash is in circulation than ever before and remains a primary method of payment in most countries.

Ever Visit the ATM and Been Frustrated it Dispenses Nothing but Twenties?

Convenient access to cash in customer preferred denominations is made possible by multi-denomination dispensing ATMs…some even dispense coins. Whether you need a small or large sum of … Read More ►

Border State Bank is Live with EZswitch G4 and Star EFT

October 25, 2019 Border State Bank is Live with EZswitch G4 and Star EFT

Greenbush, MN: Dedicated to employing the most advanced technology available to provide the best customer experience possible, Border State Bank has upgraded from EZswitch® 2012 to EZswitch® G4. The new online interface connecting the bank’s Fiserv Precision core banking system to the Star EFT network enables implementation of a host of new EZswitch features proven to lower costs, boost revenues, and improve operational efficiency.

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GBTI is Live with G4 Web-based Applications

October 16, 2019 GBTI is Live with G4 Web-based Applications
Georgetown, Guyana: Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ltd. (GBTI) has a rich and successful history of over 170 years that began with the establishment of the first commercial bank in British Guiana. In keeping with their mission to provide efficient and quality services to both depositors and entrepreneurs through the harnessing of state-of-the-art technology, GBTI has installed and implemented G4 Web-based Applications as the … Read More ►

NBB Live with Containerized P2P Solution

October 11, 2019 NBB Live with Containerized P2P Solution

Build once…Run anywhere Containerized software solutions from CSFi facilitate speedy, efficient and secure customer implementation of game changing functionalities.

SADAD VIVA Cash Withdrawal Service

The VIVA Cash payment process is fast, safe and smart…when you send money with your debit card VIVA Cash doesn’t store your card details. The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is now live with SADAD Viva Cash Withdrawal service at their … Read More ►

Instant Card Issuance

October 8, 2019 Instant Card Issuance

Whether issuing a new card or replacing a lost or stolen card, instant card issuance (ICI) represents a differentiating and customer friendly innovation. With ICI, both new and existing customers can walk into a branch and within minutes walk out with a new, fully activated payment card.

Easily integrated with SWITCHWARE® customers’ current card issuing capabilities, CSFi’s instant card issue functionality makes it easy to … Read More ►

Where Do You Draw the Line?

October 2, 2019 Where Do You Draw the Line?

Card-not-present and other potentially fraudulent card based transactions present challenges to every financial institution. As the card fraud and liability landscape evolves so must fraud rules and policies…but at what cost? To “block or not to block” is the question…CSFi’s FraudBlock™ Simulator helps to provide the answer.

FraudBlock™ Simulator Alleviates Uncertainty 

In order to avoid cardholder alienation and lost card revenue, the latest version of FraudBlock™ includes … Read More ►

CSFi Newsletter, Issue 20

September 25, 2019 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 20

2019 CSFi Newsletter, Issue 20

Featured Story: NBB Live with Containerized P2P Solution

Highlights: Fraud Prevention, Success Stories: Boubyan Bank, Switchware Instant Card Issuance, ATM Customized Note Dispensing, FI’s Live.

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September 2, 2019 HealthViewer™

Monitor your payment processing performance like never before. CSFi’s standalone monitoring tool for obtaining SWITCHWARE® performance data and graphs that can reveal high-latency and bottlenecking throughout the day week or month.

Register now to view the whitepaper

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Brains Over Brawn

August 28, 2019 Brains Over Brawn

Recently a CSFi issuing bank customer turned to CSFi after facing a series of “brute force” BIN attacks.

Working in concert with the CSFi support team and utilizing FraudBlock™ real-time fraud protection capabilities the issue was rapidly resolved.  The bank staff now rests easier knowing that future incidents of this nature can be quickly identified and the fraudsters stopped dead in their tracks.

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Citizens Bank Now Live with EZswitch G4 and the Shazam EFT Network

August 14, 2019 Citizens Bank Now Live with EZswitch G4 and the Shazam EFT Network

Kilgore, TX: Citizens Bank is now live with EZswitch® G4 as the new online interface connecting their Fiserv Precision core system to the Shazam EFT network.

First chartered in 1949, and a CSFi customer since 2003, Citizens Bank’s hometown approach to banking has long been focused on devotion to community and personalized service. With 5 full service Banking Center locations, the bank’s customers have access to … Read More ►

Baiduri Bank now Accepting China UnionPay Debit Cards

August 2, 2019 Baiduri Bank now Accepting China UnionPay Debit Cards

Baiduri Bank is now live with SWITCHWARE® supported acceptance of both China UnionPay and Visa debit cards on their ATM network.  

Click here… to learn more about SWITCHWARE’s comprehensive ATM driving and management, POS transaction acquiring and on-line ATM debit issuer authorizing capabilities.

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When Seconds Count

July 23, 2019 When Seconds Count

The combination of SWITCHWARE® and FraudBlock™ in-house fraud protection makes a difference. Integrated, real-time visibility into payments processing, fraud detection systems and instant fraud rule implementation is vital to mitigating or preventing ATM “cash-out”and other card fraud schemes.

FraudBlock™ is Absolute

FraudBlock instantaneously identifies, approves, or denies potentially fraudulent activity based upon transactional messages, card, and terminal activity. FraudBlock reacts precisely and absolutely to parameters set by … Read More ►

Tokenization and Mobile Wallet Support

July 18, 2019 Tokenization and Mobile Wallet Support

Mobile Wallets are compatible with most modern card readers. Their use is on the rise and streamlining modern consumer payments. Existing SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® customers can deploy digital wallet support securely and easily without any changes to their system. These systems can also be upgraded to store and report specified tokenized transaction data.

Click below to learn more about how SWITCHWARE® and … Read More ►

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