Network Denial Rules for G4 Web-based Apps

Users can now block fraud using EZswitch® and SWITCHWARE® G4 Network Denial Rules.

G4 real-time on-demand Network Denial Rules provide powerful, customizable, and easily implemented network level protection against card fraud threats allowing card issuers to stop fraud before it happens. Based upon values in the ISO 8583 transaction message being sent by the EFT network, on-demand Network Denial Rules allow card issuers to easily build rules that block transactions at a global or single institution level.

Providing immediate protection against a wide range of possible fraud sources, rules can be constructed to block transactions:

  • By geographical location (state or country)
  • By searchable ISO 8583 Merchant Category list
  • By specific merchant ID number
  • By specific terminal ID number

Whether you want to immediately block transactions originating from Nigeria, the service station down the street, or every Wal-mart in California, the simple and highly intuitive Network Denial Rules interface makes it a snap.



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