National Bank of Bahrain to Install ATM Remote Key Loading

Manama, Bahrain: Continuing its tradition of providing the highest level of security and convenience for their cardholders, National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has upgraded its installation of SWITCHWARE® 3.12 to begin a project for installing SWITCHWARE® Remote Key Loading functionality.

Unlocking Efficiencies with Remote Key Enabled ATMs

Saving time and cost, SWITCHWARE’s integrated Remote Key Loading (RKL) functions with RSA authentication includes support for both Diebold’s certificate-based protocol and NCR’s signature-based protocol. Key custodians no longer need to travel long distances to load keys into the ATM.

Saving Time, Ensuring Compliance, Better Resource Allocation

New keys can be remotely injected into ATMs without the need for a physical visit. Keys can be randomly regenerated using commands sent from SWITCHWARE, encrypted with the RSA key and then downloaded to the ATM. National Bank of Bahrain staff can now be used for more productive tasks and while both the bank and its customers benefit from increased security.

Remote Key Loading Benefits

  • Centralized initial key management
  • Dynamic key exchanging
  • Elimination of physical ATM key loading
  • Better utilization of staff and resources
  • No additional hardware required
  • Utilizes existing interface to the hardware security module (HSM)

Remote Key Loading Functions

  • ATM Remote key management
  • RSA authentication
  • Thales, Futurex and Safenet HSM support
  • NCR signature-based protocol support
  • Diebold certificate-based protocol support

While fraud mitigation measures have proven invaluable, past compliance with evolving key management protocols have been difficult and expensive to implement, involving a physical visit by a minimum of two key custodians to generate and deploy new ATM keys. Now, with CSFi’s Remote Key Loading, the costs of key generation, storage, and distribution processes are dramatically reduced.

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