Multi Language and Multi Currency Support at the ATM

Advanced ATM Functionality - Multi language and multi currency support

Global, Mobile and Demanding

Maximizing innovation is more important now than ever. The battle for consumer favor has never been more intense. A truly global economy places extreme pressure on financial service providers to meet and beat consumer expectations. A financial institution’s ability to maintain profitability while satisfying customer demand is the goal. Winning and retaining customers to expand market share is critical, and banks must learn to be leaders, not followers in this ever-evolving industry.

Support for multiple languages and multi currency dispensing has been available with CSFi solutions for decades. The modern ATM displays multiple languages and dispenses multiple currencies through a simple screen based interface. Banks and FIs that wish to harness these modern features can do so with ease and flexibility by utilizing the easy setup options found in CSFi’s ATM switching solutions.

Multi language Access to ATMs is Essential

For business travelers, tourists and customers residing in multiethnic and international bordering communities the ability to communicate with customers in their native language is essential to customer satisfaction, along with the convenience of having access to foreign currency.

Powerful and Convenient

Multi language and multi currency ATMs are a powerful addition to any ATM network and a common sight at airports, train stations, border locations and cosmopolitan centers around the world.

Unlike more basic machines, advanced ATMs can interact in multiple languages and dispense multiple currencies from a single machine. Ideal for accessing local currency upon arrival at an overseas destination, the advanced multifunction ATM is viewed by customers as a key component of global life.

Financial Institutions around the world rely on CSFi to test the boundaries of what’s possible with an ATM.

Investigate the possibilities…Contact CSFi Find out how the combination of SWITCHWARE® G4 and Multi Language and Multi Currency support might enhance your bottom line.

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