MIS Reporting

Business Analytic Reporting System

Solutions Overview

The MIS Reporting System integrates with SWITCHWARE® and uses web-based technology to provide critical management information right at your finger tips. The reports can either be generated as needed or can be defined to automatically generate on a periodic basis. The available reports include; ATM availability, transaction types and volumes, foreign vs. on-us transactions, popular withdrawal amount, transaction activity, transaction fees and transaction response times. The reports can be generated by institution, region, node, device type and date/time period. An example of the ATM availability report is below.


  • On demand management reports
  • Automatically scheduled reports
  • Automatically delivered reports
  • Web-based server
  • Web-based user interface
  • Secure access based on sign-on
  • Tailored report information access by user
  • Exportable report information


  • Determine ATM availability
  • Review ATM transaction types
  • Understand fee generation
  • Understand cash withdrawal patterns
  • Identify peak transaction times
  • Understand customer usage better
  • Review transaction response time performance
  • Faster speed to market for products
  • Import data into other applications


  • Report Settings: Transaction Types and Volumes Report
    Report Results: Transaction Types and Volumes Report
  • Transaction Response Times Report
    On-us vs Foreign Transactions Report
  • Authorized vs Declined vs Reversed Transactions Report
    View More Details on Reports
  • ATM Availability Report
    Example of PDF Report Download

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