Los Alamos National Bank is Live with EZswitch® G4

lanb_bankLos Alamos, NM: Seeking to maximize operating efficiencies and exceed the expectations of its cardholders, Los Alamos National Bank (LANB) is now live with EZswitch® G4 as its online interface between the First Data Star EFT network and their core host operating system.

With over $1.3 billion in deposits, LANB is fastest growing bank and largest depositor in in the Santa Fe market. As a result of the bank’s long history of consistently exceeding the expectations of its customers, employees and shareholders, the bank was judged “Best Bank in Sante Fe” for the ninth consecutive year in 2014 by the Sante Fe Reporter.

The robust and globally proven EZswitch G4 platform provides a flexible and EMV capable solution for financial institutions aiming to minimize costs, expand revenue sources, and maximize data and transactional security.  The G4 front end provides an “at-a-glance” view of the entire debit payment network. Its intuitive navigational tools enables users to easily utilize the new system’s full capabilities, including: real-time system wide monitoring, automated job/task scheduling, and advanced card maintenance and transaction research and reporting.

The powerful new system will operate in a VMware virtual environment and provide IBM’s RSS real-time data replication support for a remote secondary system used for disaster recovery. Additional features and options designed to enhance the cardholder experience, reduce fraud losses, and streamline card management operations include:

  • FraudBlock™ integrated, rules-based, real-time fraud detection and prevention system
  • Sentinel™ alert notification system providing unattended monitoring of ATMs, core system interface, EFT network connection(s) and more
  • Stand-in authorization using a positive balance file (PBF) and/or card limits when the host authorizing system is unavailable
  • Secure, single point of card maintenance entry
  • On-demand ATM/EFT Network Denial Rules
  • Drill-down capability for detailed research
  • ATM inactivity status updates
  • Support for Cardholder Alerts via email and SMS-text
  • System health check monitoring
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • On-demand ATM/EFT network denial rules
  • Upgrades to the latest version of Red Hat and IBM Informix Express Database

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