Legacy Bank is Live with EZswitch® G4 and Vantiv RTCM

legacy_bankWichita, KS: Addressing the need for real-time management capability for their debit card programs and paving the way for future EMV compliant payments processing, Legacy Bank is now live with EZswitch® G4.

Legacy Bank’s upgrade from EZswitch® Plus and migration to a virtualized environment, provides the bank with an EMV ready system as well as new and enhanced functionalities including Real Time Card Maintenance (RTCM) and enhanced fraud  prevention and backup/disaster recovery capabilities.

Founded in 1886, the upgrade affirms the bank’s nearly 130 year commitment to meeting the ever evolving needs and expectations of its customers.

The G4 at-a-glance view of the switch network and enhanced intuitive navigation tools allow any user easy access to the powerful system’s full capabilities. Customers taking advantage of the new web-based management apps report exponential improvement in ease-of-use, system navigation, transaction processing management and general system control.

In order to streamline card maintenance activities, the bank will utilize EZswitch G4’s integrated RTCM and EMV support interfaces for Vantiv, the bank’s ATM/EFT network provider.

In the past, the bank had relied upon sending batch files at the end of the day to update the card record kept on the EFT network. Now, with implementation of CSFi RTCM, any changes to a card record performed from the bank’s core system (Fiserv Precision) instantly flow to CSFi’s EZswitch software and on to the Vantiv network.

The bank’s deployment of our new Vantiv Real-time Card Maintenance interface, enables instant access to debit information based on real-time card activity. The ability to immediately identify and leverage emerging trends will drive increased card based revenues, speed resolution of transactional disputes and enhance the overall cardholder experience.

With EZswitch G4 and RTCM, both the bank and its customers now benefit from the ability to access real-time account information including:

•  Current account activity and balances

•  Account transfers

•  Debit card activations

•  Changes in personal cardholder preferences

•  Interchange fee generation

•  Effectiveness of rewards and loyalty programs

•  Suspicious or fraudulent activity and more

Click for more information on the features and benefits of EZswitch®, G4 and Virtualization of your operating environment.

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