Kuwait International Bank Chooses FraudBlock™ and Sentinel™

kib_logoSafat, Kuwait: Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has selected CSFi’s FraudBlock™ and Sentinel™ modules to meet their fraud prevention and alert notification needs.

The FraudBlock™ fraud detection and prevention solution will be used to inspect electronic payment transactions passing through SWITCHWARE® coming from KNET and Visa International. FraudBlock’s advanced fraud prevention capabilities and intuitive user interface will enable the easy analysis of historical and real-time data necessary to identify suspicious activity and invoke pro-active rule modifications critical to addressing emerging threats.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the bank’s existing SWITCHWARE environment, FraudBlock will provide KIB with real-time fraud monitoring and research, and the capability to stop fraud before it happens. The highly parameterized rules-based nature of the system will allow extreme flexibility in the tailoring of functionalities to meet both current and future business requirements of the bank and its customers.

CSFi’s Sentinel™ Alert Notification System will serve to provide real-time, unattended monitoring of KIB’s fleet of ATMs, core system interface, EFT network connection(s) and much more. Alerts can be sent by email, cell phone or alphanumeric pager to pre-defined staff or third party service agents at pre-defined times depending on the nature and type of problem detected. The alerts will be escalated until the problem is resolved. Sentinel’s automated monitoring capabilities result in reduced ATM network downtime, increased authorization interface up time, and improved customer service.

The coupling of SWITCHWARE® with FraudBlock™ and Sentinel™ combines the most innovative ATM driving, transaction management and customer monitoring available, with a built-in case management system, customizable alert management and configurable workflows.

The pending system upgrades reflect the bank’s customer focused dedication to operational excellence, transactional security, and outstanding service through the deployment of the most advanced technological solutions available.

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