Know Your Options: Customized Note Dispensing at the ATM

Bank Customer expectations have never been higher. Around the world, more cash is in circulation than ever before and remains a primary method of payment in most countries.

Ever Visit the ATM and Been Frustrated it Dispenses Nothing but Twenties?

Convenient access to cash in customer preferred denominations is made possible by multi-denomination dispensing ATMs…some even dispense coins. Whether you need a small or large sum of money, customized note dispensing at the ATM can make your day.

US Dollars

SWITCHWARE® Support for Customized Note Dispensing

CSFi’s SWITCHWARE has long supported multi-denomination ATM’s. For banks looking to enhance the cardholder experience while shortening teller lines, it can make a lot of sense.

What Are the Options?

The options can include, at the host banks discretion, dispensation of any mix of available denominations. Available dispensation options (depending on the ATM) can include:

  • Fewest number of available notes as a default
  • Inclusion of at least one small denomination note
  • Host determined fixed denomination break downs for various withdrawal amounts
  • Equal number of notes dispensed from each canister
  • Customer selection from available notes prior to dispensing.

If a requested mix of denominations is not available, the ATM will default back to a fixed note definition provided by the host.

Contact us for more detailed information on how SWITCHWARE® customized note dispensing can enhance the cardholder experience by delivering more personalized service at your ATMs.

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