Happy State Bank Selects EZswitch® G4 for Meridian Core

hsb_logoHappy, TX: With over $2.5 billion in assets and 35 locations in 23 communities, Happy State Bank (HSB) has selected CSFi’s EZswitch® G4 as the new online interface between the bank’s proprietary Meridian core banking platform and the First Data STAR EFT network. The bank considered developing their own interface to the EFT network, but subsequently identified the EZswitch G4 platform as a more cost effective, scalable, and feature rich alternative.

The bank’s official credo demands continuous focus on the improvement and provision of superior bank products and services in order to meet the demands of today’s challenging business and compliance environment and establish and strengthen customer relationships. The new system supports the activation of full future EMV functionality and will be installed in a virtual VMware ESXi environment reducing necessary hardware investment while providing increased security, system redundancy, and disaster recovery capabilities.

CSFi’s G4 Web-based apps will provide the bank with powerful front end tools for managing their new system, providing an “at-a glance” view of the entire debit payment network and intuitive navigational tools that include “hover-over” and “drill-down” research capabilities. Customers taking advantage of G4 report exponential improvement in ease of use, system navigation, transaction processing management, and general system control.

Additionally, the EZswitch G4 installation will incorporate CSFi’s Sentinel™ Alert Notification System as well as an interface to the First Data Real-Time Card Management and Authorization (CMA) system.

Employing the most advanced and secure debit card management technology available, the new system enables access to a host of features and options designed to reduce fraud losses and streamline the management of debit card operations including:

  • G4 Web-based Apps (real-time transaction and cardholder research and reporting, full system monitoring and job/task schedule managing)
  • Sentinel™ alert notification system (provides unattended monitoring of ATM’s, core system interface, EFT network connection(s) and much more
  • Stand-in authorization using a positive balance file (PBF) and/or card limits (the system will authorize using a PBF or card limits when the host authorizing system is unavailable)
  • Secure, single point of card maintenance entry
  • Real-time online card maintenance (OLCM) interface (for Precision only)
  • ATM inactivity status updates
  • System health check monitoring
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • On-demand ATM/EFT network denial rules
  • Upgrades to the latest version of Red Hat and IBM Informix Express Database

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