First Citizens Bank Limited to Implement EMV Acquiring

fcb_logoPort of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Committed to continuous development of core competencies in response to customer needs, First Citizens Bank Limited (FCBL) will soon implement SWITCHWARE® supported EMV credit card acquiring for their ATM network.

As a full service bank, First Citizens provides personal, business and corporate finance solutions and is consistently engaged in the benchmarking of their systems to identify and implement changes necessary to surpass customer expectations.

For nearly a decade, CSFi has offered a proven integrated solution for EMV acquiring, issuing, and issuer-processing support. CSFi EMV solutions maintain the integrity of the payment transaction and take full advantage of EMV technology in providing secure cardholder authentication.


The implementation of CSFi’s proprietary TotalCare™ solution will guarantee the seamless (no down time) integration of SWITCHWARE’s EMV support functionality providing FCBL with an EMV solution for ATM acquiring that enables conformance to both current and future EMV standards for payment processing of smart card transactions including:

  • Offline PIN verification
  • Application cryptograms (ARQC/ARPC validation)
  • Card risk management (offline risk parameters and authorization controls)
  • Card security code (CSC, CVV, CVV2) and Chip card security Code (iCVV or Chip CVC)
  • Card verification results (CVR) support
  • Cardholder Verification Methods (offline, fallback, online, signature, no CVM)
  • All chip cards (ICC, contact or contactless, dual interface)
  • Combined DDA & Application (CDA) cryptogram support
  • Message Authentication Code (MAC) support

Click for or more detailed information on how CSFi’s SWITCHWARE®, EMV Card Technology and TotalCare™ can pave the way for your successful migration to an EMV compliant payments platform.

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