SWITCHWARE 4.0 New Release Features and Functions

SWITCHWARE 4.0 is the latest evolution of CSFi’s payment authorization and transaction switching software.  Enhancing the raw transaction processing power, scalability and functionalities from previous versions, 4.0 is the result of many years of development and is fully integrated with our G4 web-based applications.

Full PA-DSS v3.2 Compliance
PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) is the worldwide information security standard assembled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The standard helps organizations that process payment card transactions to prevent card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise. SWITCHWARE 4.0 meets the latest PA-DSS requirements for properly storing, handling and disseminating sensitive cardholder data.

The same Seamless Integration with FraudBlock™ is still available.

Enabling and Disabling of Cards
Cardholders can temporarily disable their debit cards when they are not being used, and re-activate them on demand. Release 4.0 provides a new API that allows these changes to occur from other systems such as internet banking and mobile banking.

Enhanced Cardholder Limits
Six customizable limit fields can now be used in addition to the regular ATM and POS limits. The system will provide a selection of multiple rules that may apply to these custom limit fields. One example is a rule to set a daily limit on the total monetary amount of e-commerce transactions a cardholder performs.

Contactless Transaction Support
Release 4.0 supports acquiring and issuing for all EMV card types, including contactless, with various ATM brands using the latest in near-field chip technology.

Linked-Account Limits
Separate from cardholder limits, users will have the option to set withdrawal limits for each account linked to a card.

Activate/Deactivate Entire BIN
A popular feature when setting up or converting a new BIN on the system, users will now be able to turn on or off the activity of their cardholders for an entire BIN.

SSL/TLS 1.2 Encryption with Connected Devices
End-to-end network encryption with connected devices (ATMs, POS terminal, etc.) is now supported. Users will be able to setup network encryption using SSL/TLS 1.2 and manage the encryption certificates, keys and functionality within SWITCHWARE. An especially useful feature for any acquiring device setup in a standalone location outside the bank’s immediate network and vulnerable to on premise hacking.

Diebold-Nixdorf Vista and NCR EDGE Support for Windows 10
SWITCHWARE certification of the latest in ATM program technology (Diebold’s Vista 5.4 and NCR’s EDGE 10) allows Windows 10 to be installed throughout your ATM network.  

ATM Security and Device Enhancements
Using TMDs anti-skimming protection devices, such as the “Card Protection Kits” and the “Active DIP Kits”, SWITCHWARE now provides functionality to alert when it suspects a skimming device attaches to one of the ATMs.

Enhanced Automated Stand-In Processing (STIP)
Instead of waiting on a handshake to determine if the authorizing system is unavailable, expanded STIP now allows a single, in-flight transaction to be authorized by SWITCHWARE.

Triton ATM Electronic Journal (EJ) & EMV Support
Triton ATM support has been expanded to include EMV transaction acquiring and EJ viewing within the G4 web application.

Mobile Wallet Enrollment Support
Where Visa or MasterCard performs an inquiry transaction for mobile wallet enrollment, SWITCHWARE 4.0 will record the mobile wallet enrollment data for Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Currency & Denomination Selection Support
For ATMs using Diebold’s Vista or NCR’s EDGE 7.0 stateless ATM program, SWITCHWARE can dispense funds where the cardholder selects specific denominations and currencies at the ATM.

ATM Low-Note Thresholds For Cassettes
Enhanced ATM control includes monitoring each ATM’s individual cassettes and performing alert notifications for conditions such as low on notes.

Foreign Cardholder Limit Features
A financial institution can now limit or block other bank’s cardholders at the ATMs connected to SWITCHWARE. Limits can be defined on a per-transaction basis, as well as applied to specific foreign BINs and blocking for transactions that attempt “Fallback”.

SWITCHWARE 4.0 is the future. Contact CSFi today for a brochure, and detailed assessment of how CSFi can further your institution’s profitability.

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