Exchange Bank and First National Bank of Junction City Upgrading to EZswitch® G4

exchange_bank_logoGibbon, NE: Exchange Bank using Fiserv EFT and First National Bank and Trust of Junction City (Kansas) using First Data Star EFT network will be upgrading from EZswitch® Plus to EZswitch® G4. This will be a VMware ESXi virtual system installation that will support two separate online EFT network interfaces from the single system.

With the upgrade to EZswitch G4, the banks continue to honor their century old commitment to consistently couple the most advanced technology available with unmatched customer service to meet ever changing personal and business banking needs. Enhanced card maintenance, transaction research and reporting and real-time system wide monitoring tools provided by the new system will allow the banks to continue their proud tradition.

First National Bank and Trust will also be deploying our new First Data Star Real-time Card Maintenance (RTCM) interface, enabling instant access to debit information based on real-time card activity. The ability to instantly identify and leverage emerging trends will drive increased card based revenues, speed resolution of transactional disputes and enhance the overall cardholder experience.

G4’s at-a-glance view of the switch network and enhanced intuitive navigation tools allow any user easy access to the new system’s full capabilities, including:

  • Enhanced transaction research and reporting capabilities
  • At-a-glance real-time system wide monitoring and reporting functions
  • Single sign-on support for multiple users and much more

Additionally, operation in a virtual VMware ESXi environment results in reduced hardware investment as well as increased security, system redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

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