Enterprise Messaging System (EMS)

EMS (VOLTDS) Release Notes

Solution Overview

The SWITCHWARE Enterprise Messaging System (formerly known as VOLTDS®) is a network control and message routing software system that provides message delivery functions for the SWITCHWARE® and EZswitch® core applications allowing them to communicate with external nodes in the network including ATM’s, POS devices, switch networks and core systems. EMS also manages the overhead associated with coordinating communication requirements between the application and the external nodes. It accomplishes this using a library of device drivers, with each driver associated with a supported communication protocol.

A browser-based graphical user interface provides detailed monitoring and online information for all nodes in the network. It also provides network and application maintenance plus audit and event log review.

Functionality Includes:

  • Message delivery manager
  • Strips protocol from messages
  • Supports multiple protocol types
  • Dynamic networking
  • ODBC interface support
  • Browser-based GUI user interface
  • Manages EFT network and node definitions
  • Enables API functions

What does EMS provide?

  • A high-performance framework for building business critical online transaction processing (OLTP) applications.
  • API functions that enable online application program development without intricate network programming.
  • A threaded architecture that uses less memory and improves scalability.
  • Uses a smart thread pool which optimizes system performance by dynamically allocating or freeing threads.
  • Takes automatic corrective actions to maximize network up-time and reduce the need for operator intervention.
  • Includes a browser-based interface to provide network and application maintenance as well as the monitoring of maintenance audit trails and event logs.

Supported Protocols:

  • TCP/IP
  • UDP/IP
  • HTTP
  • Sonic MQ
  • Websphere MQ

NOTE: Legacy protocol support is provided using various partner gateway products.

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