EMS 4 Release Notes

Version 4.05.06

06/29/2016 – Feature update for 64-Bit Linux/AIX EMS (VOLTDS) merge features from 4.04.00 through 4.04.12.

Version 4.05.00

07/01/2014 – Initial 64-Bit Linux/AIX 64 Bit Release.

Version 4.04.12

06/29/2016 – A feature has been added to allow the administrative user to unmask a device until a specified data and time thereby allowing real-time diagnostics of authentication related problems.

Version 4.04.04

08/15/2015 – Jack Henry and Associates updates for jXchange 2014.0.8 have been incorporated in this point release.

Version 4.04.00

03/28/2014 – PCI masking. In prior releases of EMS (VOLTDS) it was necessary to disable Data Capture in all but test environments to maintain compliance with PCI standards. This release provides for masking of sensitive authentication data in the Data Capture logs. When authentication data masking used in conjunction with EMS Data Capture Encryption or full file system encryption  these valuable diagnostic logs are made fully PCI compliant.

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