Data Center Inc. Selects SWITCHWARE® G4

dci_iconHutchinson, KS: Data Center Inc. (DCI) has selected SWITCHWARE® G4 to drive a network of multi-vendor ATMs for nearly 150 banks and financial institutions throughout the United States. Since 1963, the company’s superior technology solutions have enabled the improved profitability and competitive position of their customers. Operating as a data center, hundreds of community banks rely upon DCI to provide the most advanced core bank processing and management solutions available to keep them ahead of their ever-changing technology needs.

A leader in advanced web-based core technology, the latest release of their flagship “iCore 360” core banking system, and broad suite of ancillary products, provide a proven end-to-end solution for the optimization of every aspect of banking operations. The selection of SWITCHWARE G4 with Sentinel™ to drive all of its customers ATMs will ensure the peak performance and security of this critical delivery channel, resulting in increased operating efficiency, profitability and cardholder satisfaction.

SWITCHWARE G4 supports a wide variety of ATM brands with current implementations driving as few as 10 ATM’s to close to a thousand…each using a single instance of SWITCHWARE.


SWITCHWARE’s EMV support functions will provide DCI with an “end-to-end” EMV solution for both ATM acquiring and smart card issuance, enabling conformance to current and future EMV standards for payment processing of smart card transactions and include:

  • Offline PIN verification
  • Application cryptograms (ARQC/ARPC validation)
  • Card risk management (offline risk parameters and authorization controls)
  • Card security code (CSC, CVV, CVV2), Chip card security Code (iCVV or Chip CVC)
  • Card verification results (CVR) support
  • Cardholder Verification Methods (offline, fallback, online, signature, no CVM)
  • All chip cards (ICC, contact or contactless, dual interface)
  • Combined DDA & Application (CDA) cryptogram support
  • Issuer Scripting & Issuer Action Codes (IACs)
  • Message Authentication Code (MAC) support

Click now, for a detailed description of all available SWITCHWARE® and G4 features and functionalities.

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