Data Replay Tool

Solution Overview

DART™ is a testing and benchmarking tool for applications (i.e., SWITCHWARE®) that use EMS version 4.02 (or higher) as its transaction processing subsystem. EMS (VOLTDS) is responsible for managing device, host and network connections plus the flow of raw data to and from these connections and is able to archive the raw transactional data into files. These archived data files can then be imported into the DART replay tool and run against a test version of the same application on another system. The outputs can then be compared for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes.

The main benefit of using DART is to provide a safe way to verify that new versions of the application software will operate successfully prior to live implementation. Another benefit is the ability to perform transaction throughput testing to determine hardware sizing, configuration and performance.


  • Ability to introduce new software releases with more confidence
  • Streamlined test procedures without manual entry
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Tests system throughput


  • Uses captured data from production system
  • Allows editing of the captured data
  • Replays the captured data on test system
  • Provides benchmark testing

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