CSFi Supports Integrated Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Enable mPOS or Lose Customers

A recent Juniper Research study found that smartphone and tablet-based mobile point of sale (mPOS) terminals will take on a significant role in businesses, handling 20% of all retail transaction value by 2021. The forecast concludes the use of mPOS systems will account for more than one in three point of sale (POS) terminals by 2021, driven by larger retailers adopting mPOS as part of their broader POS options. Regardless of the type or size of business, CSFi-supported mPOS solutions provide a vast array of value-added services and functionalities. If increased transaction speed, business efficiency, backend reporting and business analytics are important to your customer, CSFi can provide a solution.


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Evolving Customer Expectations

Merchant bottom lines are connected to consumer experience. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets as a potential POS delivery channel in virtually every merchant category is a fact. Support of mPOS technology has become an assumed capability of any full service financial institution.

  • mPOS is a game changing solution for large and small merchants interested in increased business efficiency, sales, and customer retention. CSFi supports multiple mPOS solutions supporting EMV CHIP + PIN and NFC technologies as well as integration with real time inventory management and existing payment and specialized business software.
  • Retailers are turning tablets and phones into cash registers and mini ATM’s, facilitating payment and check out  regardless of the consumer’s location.

Bottom Line

  • Premier mPOS solutions can provide advanced access to existing front and backend functionalities, allow tie in to    existing sales management solutions, accounting and invoicing functions, CRM, marketing, inventory and other   specialized capabilities and software.
  • The ability of an mPOS solution to accommodate expanded functionalities beyond card acceptance and processing is a key differentiator between providers.
  • Blending traditional POS strategies with an mPOS strategy, retailers have the flexibility to leverage the power of existing retail management systems while taking advantage of the capabilities offered by mobile devices to connect with customers and sell anywhere.

Who to Choose?

  • The value, suitability, and scalability of any mPOS solution is determined by the capabilities of the provider.
  • The proven reliability of an underlying mPOS platform to support a variety of hardware/peripherals and technologies such as EMV, CHIP + PIN and NFC is key. The ability to provide or integrate with existing advanced sales accounting and invoicing functions, CRM marketing and inventory management solutions is equally important.

CSFi’s ability to blend traditional POS devices with the latest mPOS technologies affords financial institutions maximum flexibility in leveraging the power of both new and legacy retail management and accounting systems. CSFi-supported solutions allow customers to take full advantage of virtually any point of sale payment technology. Contact CSFi today to find out we can help you offer these new and revolutionary payment services to your local merchants.

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