CSFi Releases G4-Web Maker-Checker Module

The SWITCHWARE® G4-Web Maker-Checker add-on permits one person to make card record changes in the G4-web customer card management (CCM) client application and a second person to approve the change. It enhances the overall G4-web cardholder management security and experience by creating a validation mechanism. It provides dual control for strict governance, accountability and additional validation before card maintenance changes are finalized in the production system.

There are two types of user definitions:

Processors Users who initiate and perform card maintenance changes but require an Authorizer to review the changes before they are committed to the system.

Authorizers Unable to initiate changes, these users are responsible for reviewing changes, requesting corrections by the processor and committing them to production only after the review process has been successfully completed.

Maker-Checker workflow

Benefits of CSFi Maker-Checker

• Requires at least two individuals to complete a change (a processor and authorizer).
• Total user accountability
• All changes must be verified before the changes are committed to the production system
• Errors can be caught and corrected before impacting the production environment
• All change requests are audited, recorded, and available for review at any time
• Enhances card fraud detection
• As an add-on it can be easily enabled/disabled for backwards compatibility

“Maker-Checker” segregates duties. No single employee/individual can have complete control over a card maintenance action. While “the maker” (processor) inputs the modification, a second party “the checker” (authorizer) verifies the information and then approves, denies, or recommends changes/corrections back to the processor who initiated the request. No individual can perpetrate a fraudulent or mistaken modification without the checker reviewing and approving or denying it.

The Maker-Checker client module records all changes made by an identified processor including the BIN, cardholder number, change type, dates, times,  and current status of the modification process. Monitoring and administration of the authentication process is highly intuitive with color coded screen views indicating whether a change has been submitted, declined, completed or requires correction. The date that the processor performed the change and the date and identity of the Authorizer declining or approving the change is also recorded.

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