CSFi High Availability Solutions

CSFi High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions (HADR)

Operating in today’s round the clock global economy, means mission critical applications cannot afford to be off-line for even a small period of time. Natural disasters and increasing requirements for 24/7 operations means the need for high availability solutions is greater than ever before.

CSFi’s high availability support solutions offer a variety of proprietary in-house options for increasing system efficiency and reducing downtime…because, stable system operations and maximized up-time are vital to the success of any large-scale banking operation.

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What is High Availability?

High availability is a term used by the IT industry to describe the accessibility and up-time of critical application environments.

System outages increase the total cost of IT ownership, cause potential damage to client relationships, brand reputation and loss of revenue. Financial institutions cannot afford to allow disruption of any critical delivery channels, including SWITCHWARE® or EZswitch®.

High availability is a key component of effective disaster recovery and system resiliency. While hardware has become highly reliable, unplanned outages do occur and typically result from operator error, environmental conditions and other non-hardware related factors—problems that reliable hardware cannot prevent.

In-house disaster recovery solutions make economic sense, and give you greater control over your systems environment…More than ever, financial institutions are moving towards their in-house disaster recovery operations based on continuous data replication between geographically dispersed locations. Modern disaster recovery solutions require both geographic dispersion and recovery point objectives. Pending compliance mandates will likely require your IT department to prove periodically that you can recover operations at a remote facility.

Recent reductions in cost and improved ease of use have made downtime reducing technologies including modern cloud-based disaster recovery more accessible than ever…Even small and mid-sized companies can now afford the “luxury” of real-time, offsite data protection, as well as rapid and complete data recovery.

CSFi HADR solutions…meeting the challenge:
● Out-of-the-box support for all major applications, databases and replication technologies across heterogeneous physical and virtual platforms
● Ensures consistent business continuity process across data and applications
● Protects against application, network, or storage failures
● Handles increased management complexity from multiple vendor-specific tools that work in a virtual or physical environment
● Automates and accelerates recovery from unforeseen errors
● Enables non-disruptive high availability testing and more…
● Integrated extension of your host operating system technology
● Ease of management
● Ease of deployment

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning

CSFi can help evaluate your unique business continuity risks and challenges. We will explain the fundamental concepts of high availability, present key considerations, and make suggestions critical to choosing the right high availability and disaster recovery strategy for your business environment.

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