CSFi Completes Certification for Diebold’s Vista Stateless ATM Program

Diebold Nixdorf

Sarasota, FL: CSFi is now certified to support interfacing with Diebold’s Vista ATM software. This major achievement means customers wishing to implement the Vista multivendor driving solution on their Diebold ATMs may do so by licensing the new Diebold Vista ATM handler for SWITCHWARE®.

The rigorous certification process ensures SWITCHWARE’s ability to provide error free management and a consistent customer experience running Vista on Diebold or non-Diebold hardware.

With VISTA’s open-architecture, financial institutions can experience the ease and flexibility of consistent performance across a multivendor self-service fleet with confidence it will connect across its enterprise. Diebold’s legacy ATM software known as Agilis is expected to sunset in the coming years. The planned replacement of ATMs running the Agilis program with Vista will be needed to satisfy upcoming PCI requirements for RSA Remote Key Loading.

Multivendor ATM driving solutions are emerging as a solution of choice for banks large and small. Heavily adopted by Fifth Third Bank and TD Bank, the program offers significant advantages and flexibility to providers of advanced self-service banking solutions.

Vista ATM management software benefits:

  • Single Certification for introduction of enhanced features and functionalities reduces time to market.
  • Lower cost of system updates and upgrades
  • Uniform customer experience ensured by the integrated implementation of customer facing technology
  • Simplified cross platform response to events threatening the cardholder experience or brand integrity
  • Easy management of cross platform cardholder management and marketing strategies
  • Greater flexibility in choice of hardware and software solutions

Flexibility is fundamental to success

Even if they are not currently operating a mixed fleet of ATM’s, every FI looks to the future. The competitive case for multivendor ATM software is compelling. Reducing the costs of regulatory compliance, as well as deployment and maintenance of ATM hardware and software in a multi-vendor environment, the flexibility provided deserves a second look.

Contact CSFi today to learn how SWITCHWARE® and Diebold’s Vista platform can increase the profitability of your enterprise.

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